Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

Accountability Numbers

This Week:  No Change

Overall:  Down 9.5 pounds

Hmmm.  I was expecting a loss, maybe even a couple pound loss.  Maybe it will show up next week.  I feel like I've been eating well.  

Course I'm not counting my Weight Watcher points.  Without counting it's easy to not recognize how much you're eating.  Still, I've lost 9.5 pounds without counting points most of the time.  I'm still feeling encouraged.  (Even though there are cashews in the cupboard calling my name :-)


Lynz said...

That's good for just being aware and making the choice.
And cashews are actually pretty healthy if you are going to spluge... as long as they're not chocolate covered. =)

Mimi said...

Plateaus usually happen before a good drop, I've found.

Continued prayers.

Suzanne said...

I think Mimi is right. It could be your are holding onto some fluids. Watch your salt..I find that really messes me up when I know I've been eating well otherwise..that and not moving. I found this new little book about taking better care of our bodies with regards to eating better.
I'll see if there are some new helpful things to think about and I'll post any on my blog if I do find a good one or two.
Anyway, you didn't gain! Right? :)

Anonymous said...

Good job, 9.5 #s is nothing to sneeze at. Hang in there you will be over the bump soon.

Sarah (JOT) said...

You can do it!!!!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Thank you all for your encouragement. Suzanne, yes, tell us about the book.
Lynz, I know they're good for you....but not in the quantities I'm likely to have if I open that bag. teehee

Suzanne said...

Well, guess what, I think this book is alot like Weigh Down or whatever that program is with the Christian lady and WW. So, I won't go into much of it, suffice it to say that she writes about taking care of our bodies for the love of Jesus and using Scripture to help us along.
She talks of keeping a journal or log of what you eat, counting calories, reasonable exercise, etc.
She was strong on no sugars and "treats" in any way, except for fruits. Well, as it turns out, sometime after she wrote this little book, she actually gained back over 100 lbs. She had also had that stomach surgery BEFORE she wrote this book and had gotten some weight down that way too. So, I'm not saying she faked people, because I believe it is written about in the beginning of the book, but she, like so many of us do or have done, was a bit unrealistic about things in that she thought she'd never fail big time and yet, like we all do...we may not be 100 lbs., but to expect an American to never touch a sweet again...well, unfortunately, that isn't going to happen..its all around us and we do well to be as moderate as possible and then with the Grace of God. Still, she tried to do it with the love of Christ. I think she was pretty sincere and I know she didn't WANT to gain back 100 lbs., but I think it is all about trying the best we can and I still say you are, are. I could do better. I'm still down by about 7 1/2 to 8 lbs. and I guess that isn't terrible with having finished the holiday eating and this past weekend away. Still, I think I did pretty good except I won't be buying any french onion dip and chips for a long time again! ;)

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Suzanne, I think you're doing a good job too. NEVER having another sweet would not work for me either. Plus, I'm not sure that's what God wants for us. We give our own children treats. I think he wants to give us some (in moderation) too.
I lost a lot of weight on the Weigh Down Workshop. I really like that program. In fact I lost more on that than on anything else. I went to WW to lose again the partial amount I gained back after Weigh Down. FRench onion dip? What a temptation.

Suzanne said...

I too think that watching what we eat and trying to stay in shape is all very much a part of connecting with God and showing our love to Him for appreciation for life in general.
If we lived in the time of the Christ-child, we may not have had many "sweets" as we have so easily accessible today or french onion dip, at that, so all of that has to be taken into consideration, yet, not made as an outright excuse, which I do think alot of us have done in years past, in our youth. For me, my parents gave out very small portions, hardly any seconds, and mostly sweets were issued out on Sunday night as a treat and on birthdays and occasionally, my mom would get the notion to make a couple of her favorite desserts which I won't mention so as not to entice either one of us right now..maybe at another blog time, hmm? Anyway, I got into the "world" and found that other familes at more and then the fast food restaurants came into being and all of the many choices in the grocery stores..well, Americans just went nuts and all to their waists, thighs and bottoms! Well, that's where mine went anyway!
So, back to Jesus and trying to eat more like they did in those times, but realizing that our kids, like myself, will go to other homes and places and be tempted...we need to be very reasonable and moderate about it all and I think He and we will all be more pleased. Suz

Mimi said...

I blogged about a year ago that it is Pious Tradition that St. Lazarus after he was raised by our Lord made it a point to eat something eat each day in remembrance of the sweetness of life.

I count a small sweet item in my daily calorie count. You just have to be careful to be sure it is just one serving.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

I like that, Mimi. I actually do try for a little peppermint or something every day. Thanks for sharing that. The sweetness of life.....yes.