Monday, January 05, 2009

Scrabble Anyone?

Scrabble is one of my favorite games.  On New Year's Eve I had the pleasure of playing it with my 17 year old son as our family watched the New Year's festivities on TV.

This is the board when we were finished.  I won, but just by a few points.

For you Scrabble players, it's a nice board, isn't it?  Pretty spread out.

Why do I like Scrabble?

1.  I like words.  I like putting them together.  I like thinking about them.

2.  You learn new words when you play Scrabble.  (and you try to make up new words:-)

3.  It's a slow game.  There is time to think.  And because there is time to think, there is also time to talk.  It's more social than other games.  

4.  It exercises the mind.  This is good.

Any other favorite games out there?


Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

A recent new fav of ours is Apples to Apples. It's along the "words" theme, which I like, and it also has a bit of trivia, which is another plus.

Suzanne said...

Love it too, Rosie! Last night, Shane actually asked Teresa to play, then I yelled up that I was going to play and I asked Danny and have no idea..THAT was a little miracle in itself. Shane was going quite well at it and had some new words going..he seems to like vocabulary and such, but then, I had a chance with the "qu" and well, that moved things in my direction! ;)
I ended up kinda smearing everyone just a little .. by about 40 pts. or so! Oops! I think we ALL had a really good time..I know it made me feel good about us.
I also love BOGGLE! THAT is fun..more timed, but it really makes for fun and everyone laughs.
Apples to Apples is fun, JOT!

Christine said...

We haven't played Apples to apples , but we love Scrabble! I like Boggle, too. We like the original Trivial Pursuit, but Scrabble is far and away our favorite. Happy New Year!

Mimi said...

I like to play Scrabble but I'm not that good. Especially at the online version.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Sarah, we've played Apples to Apples too. It makes for a lot of laughs and is therefore fun for me, but I do find myself asking what is the point of this game. You know? I guess the point is the fun?

Suzanne, are you sure we're not sisters?? I played Boggle as a kid and loved it but haven't played in a long time. In fact, it was on my Christmas list but I didn't get it. teehee

Christine, me too. I have never actually played Trivial Pursuit. I'd probably love it. We do like Catch Phrase too. Happy New Year to you too.

Mimi, I don't think I'd like the online version. I really like fingering those neat little wooden tiles. My son really likes the online version and often has games going for days. I am not one of those awesome Scrabble players who always get 20 or 30 point words (like my friend Deanna. ) I just like it. I'm probably average.

Salome Ellen said...

Try Trivial Pursuit! (The older versions are less pop-culture dependent than the newer ones -- try garage sales.) We have also found a new favorite called (I'm sorry) "Smart Ass", which we immediately amended to "Wise Donkey". The game itself is great if you can get past the stupid name. It gives you lists of ten clues to "Who am I?" (or what or where) and the first person to guess correctly progresses around the board.

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

Funny you should comment about making up words. About 8 years ago, my eldest insisted that "cupbag" was a word. "You know, a bag you put your cup into!" I still tease her about it, but she still tries it, whenever we play Scrabble!

Suzanne said...

We're sisters...yeah, we are! ;)
Hugs to you, sis!

Pat said...

I love Scrabble as well. But I always get myself in trouble. For example, in your game I would have challenged "vino", "qat" and "zig". I found all of them in the dictionary! (although qat was not in my Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary). It is an African tree! I though it would be some kind of Middle Eastern currencey--which reminds me of another favorite of ours-Fictionary. Our current favorite game is Cranium, though we tried TriBond and Mad Gab over Christmas and liked them a lot. We love games--Catch Phrase, Oodles, Taboo, Guesstures, Peanuts ( a card game). So many...I do draw the line at Risk, however. I do not like it, Sam I am. Pat

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Elle, I will look for Trivial Pursuit and the Wise Donkey ;-)

Catholic Wife, sometime the "attempts" to make up words are so funny.

Suzanne, yeah. to you too.

Pat, We looked up vino and zig. qat is actually in the Scrabble flyer list of q words without u. I'm going to have to try your suggestions too I don't like Risk either, especially with a very competitive player like my brother. It can also go on too long.