Friday, January 23, 2009

March for Life!

Well, we made it to the March and it was an incredible experience.  I will be posting more about our experience and more pictures soon.

We're still in D.C.  and trying to get as much sightseeing in as we can.  Two of my daughters have never been here.

At the end of the March, at the Supreme Court, I was able to meet (thanks to cell phones) Denise Hunnell of Catholic Matriarch in my Domestic Church!!!  I have to tell you that Denise's blog is one of my favorites.  How awesome it was to meet her in person at the March!!!  Thanks, Denise, for making it happen.  We were able to have sandwiches at Potbelly's afterwards for some quieter conversation.  It's so much fun to meet blogging friends in person.

Incredibly, we arrived at the Mall a little early when people were just starting to assemble.

Would you believe that, in addition to Denise, we met TWENTY people we knew from Michigan at the March.  It was absolutely amazing.  And these were people we know well... Good friends of my son John, Lizzie's camp counselor, kids from our grade school, kids from the high school,  the mother of my oldest son's roommate,  and several people from our parish.  We hadn't spoken to any of these people before the March and had no idea they would be there.  It was like a reunion.

John had so many friends there we called him.  I said, "Hey, John, how come you're in Ann Arbor when all your friends are in Washington?"  They gave him a hard time:-)  (He has a concert in 10 days and felt he needed the practice time.)

Anyway, more pictures to come in the next few days.....


Anne said...

I hope that you make it to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception! Also, ask how to get to the Franciscan Monastery, just down the road. It is one of our favorite places to visit. You must be there on the hour --9, 10, 11, 1, 2, 3 to go on the tour. Well worth the effort. They have a replica of the catacombs under the church which you can only see on tour. The purgatory chapel down there is amazing. They have a replica of the Holy Family's home in Nazareth. The crucifixion is a beautiful relief on the main level. I could go on and on. Outside is a beautiful rosary portico walk and then they have the stations of the cross outside. I hope you can also get to the John Paul II Cultural Center. All three are within a couple miles of each other. Have fun in DC!!

Catholic Mom said...

It was fun to meet you and your daughters. There is no way you can see all of DC in a day so you will have to come back! I'd love to host you on your return visit. Blessings! Denise

Sarah (JOT) said...

Sounds like Anne should be the tour guide, yeah? ALL suggestions I would make - living in the area I've been a few times to all. I can't wait to read more about your trip!

ukok said...

So glad you made it!

Lynz said...

That looked like an amazing time! I'm so glad to hear you all had a wonderful time for an important cause!
I look forward to seeing more pictures!