Friday, January 16, 2009

!!!!!!! COLD DAY !!!!!!!!!!

And by "cold day"  I mean the schools are closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wooohoooo!!!

Was I happy to turn on the TV and see that nearly all the schools are closed because it's dangerously cold outside???  Was I happy to softly tell my kids they did not have to get up??  Was I happy to climb back in to my still warm bed???

I was!!!!

Because the temperature was 11 degrees below zero without calculating the wind chill!!!

It's a gorgeous sunny day with these frigid temperatures and the snow is glistening like diamonds.  I may take some pictures later.  But for right now I am too cozy warm inside and I think I'll just enjoy looking at the frosted world outside from the window.

Stay warm!!!!


Suzanne said...

We had two hour delays the past couple of days in our town. Shane didn't though and I'm glad because he will be missing quite a bit of time next week for the walk. Someone said that the temps should be better next week and I hope so in D.C. for the people on the walk too.
Is any of your kids going?
Anyway, the sun is also shining brightly here today and it seemed to lift my spirits quite a bit. makes a BIG difference in the outlook so much of the time, doesn't it?

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Yes, I LOVE the sun!!
I am going to the March with all three of my daughters!! I was just about to post about it now that it's officially planned. I've never been before and I'm looking forward to it.

Gail said...

When I woke up, it was -19 degrees. Only a handful of school in Vermont were closed, and none in the Burlington area.
I agree that the sun makes a huge difference, and it's supposed to get up in the 20s here this weekend.
I hope everyone has a blessed March. I plan on watching it on EWTN.
The woman who coordinated our diocese's Respect Life deparmtent retired today, and I applied for the position. If I could ask that you lovely ladies pray for the intention for a successful job search, but I keep it in my hear that if God wants me to hold that position, then I will.
Thank you for your prayers and support!

Suzanne said...

Oh Rosemary!
You will be blown away at all the people and are you going to the big Mass at the Bascilica? Wish I were going so I could meet you, but it didn't work out and I honestly feel like I'd need a second wind, so to speak, to get up the energy to go, but then it is getting late on a Friday night as I write this and a somewhat busy week! :)

Mimi said...

My goodness, you stay warm my friend.

Sarah (JOT) said...

When I checked this AM it was 1 degree where I live. Even after having our filter changed out, the heater can't get up past 69 degrees. It's not very encouraging - I have to shower and it's so cold to GET OUT, I'm not sure I will shower. UGH!!!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Gail, you are in my prayers for the job search. May you get that respect life position if it is the Lord's will!!! There is much work to be done now in regards to the life issues!!! Oh Lord, may the doors for Gail where you want her to be.

Suzanne, the Mass is Wed. night, isn't it? I'm not sure we will arrive in time. Is it wonderful? Do I detect just a hint that you might change your mind and go, sister?

Mimi, we're trying. I actually haven't been out in over 24 hours now. That helps:-)

Sarah, yikes. Maybe you shouldn't shower. This is scary cold.

Suzanne said...

I can't! They didn't tell me there was even one single seat left on our bus. Now I hear there are several seats left and I'm tired just thinking about it. I would be "roughing" it like the young people...riding on a bus all night long there and all night long back and sleeping on floors the other two nights. If I had known ahead of time that there would be a seat left, I would have gone and I would have prayed and gotten myself in the right mindset.
So, no, I don't think I'm going.
Besides, for the first time in our liberal town, we are having TWO Walks for this Sunday and one on Jan. 22nd..we are walking around our PP killing ground 7 times praying the rosary..just like Jericho! Hmmmm...!

Suzanne said...

The itinerary says that the Mass at the Bascilica is late afternoon on Wednesday and believe me, it goes on until about 9:30 pm or so! It is amazing!!!