Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bone Chilling Cold....brrrrrr

Today, when we left for school, the temperature was below zero.  Five below, I think.

This is REALLY cold.  We can take a lot of cold here in Michigan.  Our blood is used to it.  We have the right clothes.

But THIS weather is really INHOSPITABLE TO HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!

They warn us that any uncovered skin could be frost bitten.  GREAT!  How am I supposed to cover my entire face?

This is scary cold.

OK.  Want some good news.  You won't believe this.  I wish I had had my camera.

I saw a robin on the way in to my Bible Study!!!!!!! It was definitely a robin.  It was sitting in a small tree and I actually stopped (risking frostbite:-) to make sure it really was.  It was a beautiful plump robin.

Now keep in mind that we here in Michigan LONG to see a robin as the first sign of Spring.

I know this is not the first sign of Spring.  But it is sign of hope, is it not??  

We can endure (all things, through Christ), and Spring will come!!!!

Stay warm, all you Northerners.  And you in Hawaii?  Please be sure to thank the Lord many times a day for the enormous blessing of your absolutely beautiful weather.  Please enjoy and appreciate it for us.  God is good.


Nancy said...

At this time I really feel for the homeless who have nowhere to go. It is bitter cold and really makes me appreciate my warm house. Stay warm!

Anne said...

Don't you just love this cold weather?? Even the hairs in your nose freeze! Though next week it should warm up to near freezing...32. Now that is almost balmy in January!

Layers, layers, layers....

Stay warm and have a cup of tea on me!

Lynz said...

Thank you for the wonderful reminder that we can endure all things, through Christ. I needed that today. Stay warm!

Much love,

Mimi said...

Yikes! you stay warm. I can't believe you hearty northerners get out and about in this weather, we curl up and whine.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Nancy, yes! We should pray for protection for the homeless because they are really in danger in this weather!

Anne, I will have a cup of tea on you-- right now, in fact:-)

You too, Lynz.

Mimi, we whine too (as evidenced by this post:-) I'm hoping for a "cold day" tomorrow-- When the wind chill gets to be 20 below or so the schools close. Here's hoping I can go back to my warm bed tomorrow morning.