Saturday, March 21, 2009

Supreme Insult to Our Lady

I am so upset about this that I can't even write about it right now.

President Obama will speak at the commencement of Notre Dame this May and he will be given an honorary law degree.

I can't tell you how devastated and infuriated I am.

Please send a comment to Father Jenkins, the President of Notre Dame who everyone regarded as a faithful Catholic priest.  Here is the link.  He should be bombarded with reaction from every Catholic who loves Our Lady.  Imagine her grief that the university she loves so much would sell out for political gain.


Suzanne said...

I didn't want to tell you of all and I both know, this is not everyone who loves Notre Dame..its like anything else..probably a mere very brazen few! Still, I think that there is going to hell to pay for this in many ways..letters and notes are heading to this priest now.. big time..let us pray!

Gail said...

I sent e-mailed the President of Notre Dame. Hopefully, enough pressure from the pews-including from well-placed alumni-will lead the invitation to be withdrawn.
Let's pray! By the way, so glad to hear about Rich's condition. Prayer can work wonders.

Jean M. Heimann said...

This is spreading like wildfire in the Catholic Blogging community and everyone I have talked with is outraged and infuriated by this. Let's hope and pray that our actions will make a difference. Our Lady of victory pray for us!

Mary said...

Hi Rose,
At 4:00 tomorrow our family and other College of Business families will be at a mass at ND where Fr. Jenkins is the celebrant. There will be dinner afterwards. I'm praying for the opportunity to present itself that we may say, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!"

Instead of bashing Our Lady's University, as we know some do/will, perhaps this may be an opportunity for Obama's conversion. Miracles do happen, and we have witnessed many that have occurred as a result of prayers at the Grotto(most recently a friend of ours who has struggled with infertility for YEARS informed us today she is expecting twins!! We've spent a small fortune on candles =0)

In Notre Dame,

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

Thanks for the link!

I did my duty! :-)

Mary said...

Hi Again Rose,
In case the opportunity doesn't present itself, I sent Fr. Jenkins a note as well. It will be interesting to see the backlash, which I hope is plentiful.
If you want to write to the South Bend Tribune(it was their front page story today) as you did so eloquently the Ann Arbor News the address is; I don't have the address for The Observer, ND's daily campus newspaper, but I'm sure you can get online.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Indeed, we must pray. Thanks to all who have sent a comment. Mary, may you have the opportunity to talk to him!!! I think you would be just the right person to do so. I checked out the SB Tribune and am considering a response. May God give Father Jenkins the courage to do the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this site. I intend to send it to all my catholic and prolife friends. Father Jenkins has heard from me too. Let's all pray for this priest. Maybe it hasn't occurred to him that his own soul is in danger.

Pat said...

Thanks, Rose for the link. I told Fr. Jenkins he is allowing the university to be used by President Obama, (among other things). I am encouraged to hear that this is getting so much action from people. My husband was at a meeting of ND alumni on Saturday and they were very displeased, and planning to write letters as well. I'm praying for Our Lady's intercession. Pat

Mary said...

Hi Rose,
You aren't EVEN going to believe that on the way in to mass tonight, who should walk in with us but FR. JENKINS!! Alone~him and our family!!!! Sooooooo, not believing our good fortune we greeted him and proceeded to speak about how having Obama speak at this university commencement was unbelievable,at best. I mentioned that I was getting weary of defending ND against all those who say it is not Catholic and NOW THIS! I said,"You are making my life a little miserable ,here, you know!"

I have to get Paul off to Lifeteen so will call you later. Let me say that Fr. Jenkins is a fine man and priest. There is more at work here than meets the eye, as is always the case. He does read every letter that comes and let us all pray that God's Will prevails.

In Notre Dame,

Suzanne said...

Oh, I hope Mary made an impact...I too believe that there has to be more here than meets the eye, but no matter what...I cannot see any good of Obama speaking there, but alas, we pray for God's Will! Amen