Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yesterday it was chilly enough for me to change into jeans from shorts.

Today we have a heat advisory.  The high is expected to be 95.  I kid you not.  This is MIchigan.  But I'm not complaining.  It's a beautiful, clear blue sky.  Just lovely, really.

Some scenes from my backyard.  Love this flower..

This is my favorite flower bed.  I can see it from my kitchen sink and lots of birds come to the bird bath.

This is my least favorite bed.  OK, I kind of lost interest in it.  The mint (which I do love) is taking over along with weed and vines.  Oh well.

I  love the color variations in this flower.  Is it orange?  Is it pink?  It's both!!

Basic sweet, bright pink zinnia.

This is kale which replanted itself from last year.  The stalk is big and woody but we've gotten a lot of kale from it.  I've made white bean with kale soup, but usually we make kale slaw out of it.  I posted the recipe a few years ago.  You can find it here should you like to try it.  My entire family loves it.

And this is our very silly dog Nala.  Here she is eating pears that have fallen off our pear tree.  She eats loads of them, whole!  She really does!  She can eat an entire pear in about 5 seconds.  We're trying to limit her food so she will lose weight but it's useless.  She just makes up all the calories in pears!!!  It's so funny!

Well, I'm off to pick up one of the girls.  Have a blessed day!


Mimi said...

We are varying wildly between cool and hot too.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

It's the season, isn't it, Mimi.