Friday, September 20, 2013

I have a favorite time of day to take my dog Nala for a walk.  It's twilight.  That time of day just before it's dark.  The sky is so beautiful, such a deep, dark blue.

But any sunny day is a good time for a walk.  I love the brilliant colors of the flowers I pass, the green of the trees, the lush grass...Nature, in the sun, drips with the glory of God and I find it almost spectacular.

This morning the sky was grey.  It was drizzly and the usual bright colors seemed washed out, overcome by the moisture in the sky.  It was dreary.  I missed the lovely Autumn weather of Michigan.

But I realized that the glorious colors of nature are only possible because of the grey, moist skies that nurture all living things on the Earth.  Without the rain there is no growth, in fact, no life.  I think there may be a life metaphor here.   There are the days of wonder and the days of struggle.  Is it perhaps the days of struggle that nurture the days of wonder?

Ahhh, maybe there are just good days and bad days.  :-)  Sunny days and rainy days.  And it's all good.

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