Saturday, June 08, 2013

Mary has graduated from high school.  She worked so hard throughout high school.  I'm really proud of her.  In September she will continue her studies at the University of Michigan.  My father would be (is!) so proud.  An alum of Michigan himself, he always dreamed of having one of his grandchildren graduate from there.  He left this world to soon to see John graduate.  (Although I'm sure he was watching from the other side.)  And now I know that he is delighted with Mary's school choice.

Three of Mary's siblings were able to attend her graduation.  Many thanks to Mike, in particular, who drove over 5 hours round trip to be there.  He is a very faithful brother.

And Anne flew in from Atlanta to be at Mary's graduation party.  How cool is that.  She was able to stay for 5 days.  So nice.  Her husband Zach was busy out in Colorado winning the Division 1 Rugby Championship.  Yup.  They did it.  And we were able to watch the game online, but through our TV.  It was really quite a thrill.  Zach is an excellent player and has spent many, many years improving his skills in rugby.  We are really proud of him.

And yesterday was the last day of school for Liz.  I was at school all day helping in the Resource Room in the morning and at the Used book and Uniform Sale in the afternoon.

So today is quite a relief.  The girls and I spent an hour working on cleaning up our rooms.  (Yes, I worked on mine too and it definitely needed it. :-)

Tomorrow we plan to skype with John in London.  We miss him so much.  So looking forward to having him home in a little over a month.

And Liz has become a high school senior.  Wow.  It's almost too much to fathom.

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