Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just a little proud....(maternal bragging alert)

OK.  So I'm just a little proud of my firstborn.

He has always loved the stage.  Always enjoyed music, acting, singing, and dancing.

He's a teacher now but he is still enjoying these passions of his, not only through his teaching, but also in his spare time.

He will play Marius in the South Bend Civic Theatre's production of Les Mis!!!!

And I just HAVE to share this article about him from a local news station.

Can't wait to see this show!!! (Being his mom and all :-)


Therese R said...

It is so wonderful when our children are doing what they love and doing it well. I loved Les Mis when it came out at the cinema's and I am going to buy it sometime. I think I would love it even more on stage.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Hi Therese!
I loved the film version of Les Mis too. The theatre productions I've seen have all been young people productions that family or friends have been in. My son Mike always wanted to play Marius and now he has the opportunity. That makes it doubly exciting for me the mom, knowing this was something he longed to do.

It seems to me that people either love or hate "Les Mis" and I've been wondering why. For me, it's always been a very inspiring show. Others seem to find it depressing.