Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here is my week.

Last weekend-- major play production at our grade school.  Both girls and Mom very involved.
Everyone exhausted by the end.  (But it was very fun.)

Monday-- Spring concert at the high school.

Tuesday morning-- Honors Convocation at the high school
                  afternoon-- work flower sale at the grade school
                evening--  Spring concert at the grade school

Wednesday-- Finish making Liz's Confirmation rosary
                        Get flowers in the ground 
                        Catholic League Track championships
                     Last Confirmation class 

Thursday-- Last Women's Catholic Scripture Study--potluck brunch
                   Confirmation!!!  ( Mike arrives by train )

Friday-- Ice Cream Social at the grade school
                Drive Mike to airport
                Prom night at high school

Saturday-- Opening Day at our neighborhood pool
                    Potluck dinner

Sunday-- Brunch at our house celebrating Liz's confirmation

These events are, of course, in addition to my usual responsibilities.  I have to be very careful in weeks like this.  They can be very anxiety-producing for me.  I am prone to anxiety and I hate to say "no."  Not a good combination.

BUT.....When I was asked if I could work at Friday's ice cream social did I say "Oh sure"?  Nope.  I did what I had to do and explained that I really couldn't add anything more to this week.  

Yikes.  Even having said 'no' to one thing, I have a week here that is really too full.  Oh well.  It will be good. 


Suzanne said...

It is full, but you and I both know..its better to have the full than the empty. :) Enjoy, sweetie!
You have the energy and so that is a good thing! Hugs and congrats on all of it!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Absolutely, Suzanne, better to have the full than the empty. And it's all about the fullness of our quiver, you know? It is good.