Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This is my new favorite prayer spot in my house.

It's in my bedroom overlooking the backyard.  I can keep a cup of tea on the windowsill.  It's actually an old kneeler that I found in the laundry room of my parents' house.  I don't think they used it for anything.  No one else wanted it.

On a sunny day like today, it is a very peaceful place to kneel and pray.

It's just the right size for me.  God is good.


LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Hello Ma'am..
Just droppin by..
Nice blog and its words..
Good Bless ya and family!

**God is Good.. yeah.. No Doubt.

Lynz said...

I love seeing simple places that have so much meaning. What a very nice place to pray. I'm often hidden in my closet or shower to pray lately... my only quiet spots. =)

Barb, sfo said...

Very nice!

Mimi said...

Oh I love it, beautiful!

Anonymous said...


I just tagged you for one of those silly meme things, hope you don't mind.

Suzanne said...

I tried to comment often on this, but our comcast co. connections were lousy yesterday. Not sure why.
Anyway, I just want to say that I love your little spot. I love to look outside when I pray. I look up at the sky, the tall trees, flowers, listen to the birds and God, my God, You are Awesome!
I learned at Stubenville last summer at the catechist training, that the kids and some of us have misused that term...Mary Jo, the
little nun who was teaching that class really should be reserved for only God and God only!
She's right! :)
Anyway, your spot is so pretty. :)

Suzanne said...

Excuse me, I meant to erase Mary was the little nun and I can't recall her name who said that. :) Ooops!