Monday, February 23, 2009

A cloud of grace

Thank you all for your prayers for my brother's appointment.

We had one of the best experiences we have ever had at the University of Michigan health system.  It was like a cloud of grace was following us.  Both of us felt it.

The U of M is a big place and can be kind of confusing to find your way around.  We've both been there many times but, still, we would have to look up at the signs and think for a minute about where we needed to go.  Every  time we did this someone would approach us and say "Can I help you find something?" or "Where do you want to go," and then give us directions.  It must have happened 5 or 10 times!!  Everyone was so helpful!

My daughter the nurse had the day off and so she was able to come with us.  This was a great blessing.

I met my brother in the cafeteria and we had some good laughs before the appointment.

We went into the thoracic surgery waiting area and my brother had sat down for probably less than a minute when they called him back!

The doctor was very patient and gave us a lot of information.  He seemed very capable and smart and good.  I think he must have spent a good half hour with us.

When my brother left the parking structure the parking attendant made of point of asking how things had gone for him and wishing him well!  Can you believe it? (Was that an angel?)

So the experience of the appointment was tremendously grace-filled.

However, the doctor does think he needs an esophagectomy.  But he explained the surgery completely and it does not involve opening the chest cavity as we had thought.  He would spend a week in the hospital but no time in intensive care as long as there were no complications.

My brother will seek another opinion because it is such a big decision, but I think he is leaning toward having it done.  If he decides to do it, they could schedule in 2-3 weeks!!!  

In the meantime, Rich is able to eat some very small portions at a time and he keeps drinking Ensure to keep his weight up.

Thank you all so much for your prayers.  Rich knew a lot of people were praying for him, including my e-friends, and I think he was very aware of the consequent grace.  God bless you all!!!


Gail said...

I'm glad to hear about your positive experience. Will continue to pray for your brother and your family as the decision-time narrows. Hope all continues to go well.

Suzanne said...

Me too, Rosemary. Glad you had a peace filled and loving day with one another too.

Lynz said...

We'll keep you in our prayers as well. Many blessings!


Mimi said...

My prayers continue, I'm so glad your daughter got to go along and all told, it went well.

Sarah (JOT) said...

I love it when we experience grace-filled days . . . He is a God of "on time". Many blessings and continued prayers for you all.