Tuesday, October 06, 2015

More on Mike's Wedding!

Life keeps coming at me. It's unrelenting.

So, back to Mike's wedding!

So Mike has married a wonderful woman who seems very well suited to him. Esther! Esther was home schooled, converted to Catholicism, masters in theology from Notre Dame....you mothers who are kindred spirits of mine....you get the idea. She's wonderful!

Two days before the wedding, there was a communication/scheduling snafu that resulted in the floor of the social hall where the reception would be unmopped. Esther's mom began searching the janitor's closets and eventually found a dry mop and a wet mop. Together we worked on the floor, getting it a whole lot better looking than before. It was nice working with a home school mom who sees what needs to be done and just does it. There was no complaining, no sighing. We just did what we could. I felt as though it was almost a bonding experience with Darcy. Our children were getting married. We did what we could. Nice.

On Friday, the celebration began with the Rehearsal Dinner. Catered by my good friend Colette and her daughter Ellen, we had a delicious dinner that, incredibly, accommodated both Esther's father's dairy allergy and my gluten allergy. A big thank you to Colette and Ellen!!!

There were a number of children at the dinner and so we set up one table with lots of children's activities. Family events are at their best when there are lots of kids.

And lots of friends and relatives!!
Jim, his fiance Elle, Liz, and her boyfriend Jonathan
Mary, John, and my brother Rich
My husband Mike's brother Jeff, his son Anthony, and Zach and Anne

Esther's sister and brother... 
More of Esther's family... 
Esther's sister with her husband and son....
Father Daley having a word with my nephews Luke and Matt
Standing: My sister who is Mike's godmother..
 At one point we invited friends and family to offer a prayer, words of advice, or a toast to the bride and groom. Many laughs were given. Many kind words were spoken.

Good friends..
Esther, Mike, and Father Daley. Father has given spiritual direction to both of them, although at different times.
It was a delightfully peaceful evening with family and friends and a fine prelude to the important event coming the following day.

To be continued....

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