Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Advice to the GOP Candidates-- A Few Random Thoughts.

To the governors:
Please don't recite your resumes. We know you have executive experience.  We know you've been a great governor. That's why you're on the platform. Hearing a recitation of  your achievements is boring. We want to know what you would do in the future as president.

To Marco Rubio:
You have a charming, boyish smile, but in New Hampshire you looked like someone told you to smile a lot. Don't push it. Just smile when there's something to smile about. Otherwise, it looks forced.

To Rand Paul:  Comb your hair. Just sayin'.

To Donald Trump: Please don't be a jerk. Please show respect for the other candidates.

To Jeb Bush:
Don't worry about offending people. If you are quoted out of context and it sounds bad, just point our you were quoted out of context and give it a rest.  You're not going to please the liberals. Don't bother trying. Stop being so conciliatory.

To Ben Carson: People love you. Maybe speak just a bit louder?

To all the candidates who are not Trump:
Please be courageous and tough. Speak forcefully and sincerely. Don't recite your talking points. It sounds fake. We want to see and hear the real you. Don't worry about who might criticize you for your honest opinions. If you're not as tough and real as Trump, he will get the nomination. Don't let him gain the momentum.