Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Son Is Getting Married!!!

My oldest son is engaged to a lovely woman named Esther. Yes, Esther. How cool a name is that?

So my daughters and I put on a shower for Esther.
Anne and Esther with the food all ready to be eaten. The flourless chocolate cake in front of them is Esther's favorite and Anne's work of art.
The buffet table. I know my mother was surely pleased that we were using her punch bowl! (OK, I know, I'm hopelessly sentimental.
Esther's mom, Esther, and me. 
It was delightful to be able to have Esther's mother join us, all the way from Alabama!

Daughter Mary, Esther, and daughters Anne and Liz

So pleased to have my favorite niece Monique and Jim's girlfriend Elle also join us. They were also an enormous help.

The mothers with the daughters!!

It was a lovely day. Here are my two dear friends Ann and Sally together with Elle and Monique.

I loved that there were four of my friends attending, together with their daughter-in-laws!

Esther with her mom (and empty boxes from the already opened gifts. :-)

Mary gathered all the bows together to serve as the bouquet at the rehearsal.

Esther and Patti share a light hearted moment.

Here are Esther and Mary with the bow bouquet.

My daughters worked so hard on this shower. May I brag about them? They were amazing. They were leading. I was doing what they were telling me. It was so delightful to see them in charge of a lovely event. (And I kind of liked not being the one in charge. I really did.)


Sister Gail said...

'Love it, Rose!

Lisa said...

It is wonderful so see our children pass us up in talents, leadership, and socializing.

Rosemary said...

Yes, Lisa. It is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Blessings and congratulations, Rosemary! :) Suzanne