Friday, August 31, 2012

It appears that my son John's connecting flight was canceled due to the Luftansa strike.

Luftansa cabin crew workers planned a half day strike!  The very half day that included the two hours that John would be in the airport transferring to his connecting flight in London!

I've checked the Luftansa website and it appears that John's flight to London has been canceled.

He knew yesterday that there was a possibility of this happening.  They will either try to rebook him which I think will be very difficult since 9000 flights have been canceled!  Or they will buy him a train ticket.

He has a large overweight suitcase packed to the gills, the largest carry-on you can take, and his computer bag, also packed with the computer, as well as all the music and books he could fit in there.  He packed as much as he could take of what he thought he would need in the next two years!!

Could I ask for prayers for a peaceful rest-of-his-trip to London, whatever that entails?

Maybe they'll give priority to people on an incomplete overseas flight?  I don't know.  Thanks for the prayers!

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