Saturday, February 18, 2012

Women's Rights? Come on!

There is no "right to contraception." OK. There is no such right. We have to challenge people who say that there is. How can they say there is such a right? Because Obama says there is? There is not. Obama does not confer rights. Freedom of religion, however, is a right guaranteed in the Constitution.

Show me where in the Constitution it says that women have a right to contraception. It's not there. The left is inventing this "right" and all who believe in the bill of rights need to point this out. Requiring Catholics to pay for sterilization and contraception is not an issue of women's rights.

Pregnancy is not a disease. Contraception is not health care. And no one, NO ONE, has a responsibility to pay for someone else's contraception. Period. If necessary, we must shout this.

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