Monday, February 06, 2012

Peggy Noonan wrote about the HHS Mandate in Sunday's Wall Street Journal. She believes that this action by Obama will spell his failure to get reelected. I pray she is right. We cannot let this issue fade away. It is critical, not just for Catholics, but for all who believe in religious freedom, the very reason this country was founded.

"If they stay strong and fight, they will win. This is in fact a potentially unifying moment for American Catholics, long split left, right and center. Catholic conservatives will immediately and fully oppose the administration's decision. But Catholic liberals, who feel embarrassed and undercut, have also come out in opposition.

The church is split on many things. But do Catholics in the pews want the government telling their church to contravene its beliefs? A president affronting the leadership of the church, and blithely threatening its great institutions? No, they don't want that. They will unite against that."

Read more here. She writes about Romney and the Republican establishment first. You have to scroll down to the final section.

And if you want to read a really scathing article about this mandate check out Michelle Malkin's "First they came for the Catholics." here. Again, scroll down till you get to the article.


Maryellen said...

I appreciate the links you've been providing re: the Obama Mandate. They've been very helpful to me.

I hope and pray that this situation will cause Unity in the Church. We need to pray for one another, and we need to pray for Obama and his ilk (for conversion of course)

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Maryellen, indeed we need to pray. I'm glad you've enjoyed the links.

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

Just love your blog! I read recently that 52% of practicing Catholics voted for Obama. When he was running for president, our catholic all boys school took a busload of boys down to hear his speech. I was appalled then and I am now. To me, it just keeps getting worse and worse. Such a sad, sad place that we are in now. Thanks for always writing about what is close to my heart!