Friday, February 03, 2012

National Review Online has posted a great article by Daniel Foster on the backlash Susan G. Komen received and apparently caved to after withdrawing their support from Planned Parenthood.
Look, the beauty of free speech is that, if you’re inclined to do so, you can write a check to PP in an act of solidarity, or write a check to Komen as an expression of moral approval. That’s all fine. But there’s something quite a bit different, something creepy and not a little despicable, about the Planned Parenthood set’s besmirching Komen’s good name across a thousand platforms for having the audacity to stop giving them free money. And I don’t care why that decision was made, frankly.
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I'll say it's creepy. The whole thing just so smacks of spiritual warfare. Why should anyone ardently defend Planned Parenthood? I don't get it. But I'll tell you one thing. Now that the entire pro-life community knows about this people will not hesitate to abandon those pink ribbons and decline to contribute to Komen.


Patti Anne said...

I agree wholeheartedly, Rose. This is such a ludicrous situation, which shows that for all of PP's public relations gig about being pro-poor really is all about the money for them.

Ebeth said...