Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Michigan is being bombarded with Romney ads-- mostly in the form of attack-Santorum ads.

It's disgusting. I'm getting several recorded messages a day on my phone. I can't wait for a real person to be there so I can tell them to stop calling me.

Don't get me wrong. If Romney gets the nomination I will support him wholeheartedly. He could be a good president....I think.

But my preference is for a man who doesn't demonstrate leadership by putting others down and distorting the record of his opponents. No. I prefer a nominee whose leadership is demonstrated by the core values that make up his being. My choice is Rick Santorum.

If you want to see a great Santorum ad check out this link to I love it. I just heard a portion of it on Catholic Radio. It was in stark contrast to the attack ad against Santorum I heard on Catholic radio just a few days ago. An attack ad!!

Oh Lord, in your mercy, please give us the president you want us to have. And please protect Rick Santorum and his family.

(BTW, I have a couple Santorum yard signs if anyone is interested.


Mimi said...

I hate negative ads. It makes me not interested in voting for the candidate at all.

Sigh. I wish we could focus on the positive. Tell me why I should vote for you.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

I'm with you, Mimi. When I hear a negative ad I am less apt to vote for that person. Really. Let's just stick to why I should vote for you.