Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm watching the president talking about gas prices. The mean spiritedness with which he talks about republicans is disgusting. Sarcasm, the assigning of motives, belittling his's all so nauseating.

Now he tells us of all the drilling he's doing.....starting to sound like a republican. I wonder why. (OK. Now I'm being sarcastic. But then, I'm not the president.)

Now the condescending lecture....

Oh. We need more alternative sources of energy. Like Solyndra? That was not a good idea, Mr. President. Five hundred twenty-eight million dollars down the drain. Yes, million!!! Was that a good investment? Does this man know what he is talking about? I think not!!

Please, the president's record speaks for itself. He does not know what to do about gas prices. The man is in over his head.

Elect a republican!!!

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