Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Mistaken Identity?

OK. These are my guys.

Front row: Son-in-law Zach and oldest son Mike

Back Row: John on the left, Jim and the right..

John and Jim are two years apart. John is 22. Jim is 20. Having two sons who were always together and each with a name that starts with "J" showed some lack of foresight on my part. Doesn't matter. I love the saints they're named after and I would name them the same names again. John Paul and James Anthony.

However.... I often open my mouth and the wrong "J" name comes out. They know this. And all their lives they have answered to either name, pretty much, if it's obvious which son I'm talking to. Personally, I don't think they look that much alike. But I know they do resemble each other because so many people confuse them. John is the pianist. Jim studies Philosophy. But Jim has been complimented so many times on his piano playing that he no longer asks people if they're thinking of his brother. He just says "thank you, " and passes the compliment on to his brother when he sees him.

Over Thanksgiving, because of everyone at home, we had a lot of reshuffling of sleeping arrangements. John had been out with friends one evening and I had not remembered hearing him come home. So at about 7:00AM I woke up and thought I'd just check to see if John was home. I went into his room and saw that at least someone was sleeping in his bed.

"John?" I asked softly. No answer. I went up to the bed. Mind you, the room was dark. "John?" I asked again. "No, I'm Jim." At this point he had himself up on his elbow. It did not sound like Jim. It sounded like John. He did not look like Jim. He looked like John. I said again, "You're Jim??" "Yeah, I'm Jim," came the answer. "You're Jim, not John?" I asked again, feeling kind of silly. Puzzled, I said, "You're Jim in John's bed?" The answer was "No, I'm Jim in Jim's bed." I thought, OK. Whatever. The room was quite dark. Still, I thought what is wrong with me. Even in the dark I ought to know which son I'm talking to.

Shortly after that I went into the basement for something. There was Jim asleep on the single bed we have down there!!! I said, "You didn't just come down here, did you?" Nope.

When John came down for breakfast I asked if he remembered talking to me at about 7:00 in the morning. He had no recollection of our conversation. I told him what he had said. "You repeatedly told me that you were Jim, not John!!!" He claimed I must have had the names mixed up. Nope. It was not me. I know that because I was very purposefully trying to determine which guy it was.

I think I get a pass now for any future occasions when the wrong "J" name may come out of my mouth. Too funny. Yeah, I get the pass.


Maryellen said...

This is a hilarious - especially to me since I have a John and a Jim!

I love the way you presented this post as a mystery. Well done.

And soon it will be greetings for a Merry Christmas.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Mary Ellen, thank you so much for the encouragement. That is so funny that you also have a John and a JIm. You're not by chance of Irish ancestry are you?

Suzanne said...

Did I tell you my nickname when my poor mother would get sooooo frustrated with all of us "S" girls...Sandra, Sharon, Shirley and Suzanne? I, being the last one, she would go through ALLLLLLL the names before getting to me. Then she would get so mad at herself trying to get to my name..she'd go "Oh Shi--y!" Do I need to tell you what letter go in the spaces? Not going to..anyway..I'd feel sorry for her and we'd end up laughing..I forgave her. ;) LOL! Soooo, at least you aren't coming up with questionable names for your children when you mix them up! Ha! Ha!

Hello and welcome... said...

Oh dear! What I'm most concerned about here: do I really have that many more years ahead of me checking in on my sleeping children?? Mine are only four and one...good to know I may still be checking in to make sure they got in safe when they're in their 20's!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Hello and W. I'm smiling. Yes, in fact, it's quite a bit scarier checking in on them when they're driving. Usually I don't need to go in and look. Usually the right child is in the right bed.