Sunday, January 02, 2011

My nephew Luke

You gotta love Luke. Here he is. My nephew. My Godson. He has his challenges. Sometimes just doing what is expected, staying within the boundaries, is very difficult for him. But he has a cheerful, imaginative and creative spirit about him.

Here he is opening a gift he clearly was enjoying-- one of Santa's reindeer's bells. (Mind you, he doesn't believe in Santa. But he still enjoys an innocent kind of pretending.)

You can always count on Luke. Often he will do what the other kids will not. For example, at our Christmas Mass we have a procession made up of mostly children bringing to Baby Jesus in the Nativity Scene baby items for our local crisis pregnancy center. Naturally, it was Luke who agreed to represent our family with the baby items in the procession.

On Christmas morning of course it was Luke who volunteered to take the Baby Jesus to the OUTDOOR Nativity Scene. Here he is coming down the stairs....
And then, without even grabbing a coat, he immediately headed outside for the manger...

And placed Jesus carefully in the manger...I thought it was so cute I was standing on the porch in my bathrobe taking pictures.
Yup, as my brother once said, "He's our Luke. No matter what he does, he's still our Luke." Yes. And we love him.

Now recall the reindeer bell he so delighted in above.

Zach (my new and favorite son-in-law) wrote the following poem (in 90 seconds) during the reindeer games.

An Ode to Santa

Dancer dropped his bell.
When I found it, I nearly fell.
Resentment, I hope he doesn't harbor
For I am the newest reindeer, Luke Barber!

I thought I would die laughing. And Luke thought it was the funniest of all! LOL


Suzanne said...

One of my godsons has the same name! It is Luke. When he was young he had a difficult time with his speech and expressing himself. He lost confidence. His mother prayed and she discovered she could get help and so he went through speech therapy and boy can he talk! Ha! He is about pre-teen now, I think and seems like a sweet boy. :)
Nice story.

Anonymous said...

Great story Mom! Love the pics~ Anne

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Thanks, Suzanne.
And thanks, Anne :-)

marylea said...

I enjoy reading the stories of your family and the warmth and fun you share. Thank you for your beautiful blog.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Marylea, thank you, and thanks for visiting my blog :-)