Monday, September 20, 2010

Poor John is quite sick. You know your adult child is sick when they call and ask if they can come home. When Mary conveyed this message to me I asked, "You mean so we can take care of him? Of course!"

So I drove the 15 minutes across town to get him. I have one son three hours away, one son twenty hours away, and John fifteen minutes away. I'm so glad that the one who is sick is the close one. Both his roommates have mono. Oh dear. Needless to say he will be tested.

Made a simple chicken noodle soup recipe. It was quite good! I used canned broth and bought a broiled chicken from the grocery store. The whole chicken pretty much supplied the 3 cups of cooked chicken.

I love my pediatrician's office. Just called them. I now have an appointment for John in less than 2 hours.

Prayers are appreciated for a quick and accurate diagnosis.

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Mary O'Hannigan said...

Sending love and prayers to John..and his Mom =)