Monday, September 06, 2010

Missing Jim....

This was Liz's first day of high school and Jim's farewell morning. Pretty emotional day.

But their spirits were good.
And it always helps if your brother can get goofy. LOL
This is the chapel at Jim's university.
Jim and my good friend Patti who is his godmother. It is definitely a good friend who will spend 20 hours driving with you so you don't have to drive home alone.
Jim is just so delightful to be around. We all really miss him a lot.
I don't know. Mothers all know that you raise your children to be able to leave you and become independent adults. But when it happens it feels very unnatural and almost like a part of you is being pulled apart. I guess that is the mother/child bond that changes. It doesn't disappear, but it becomes quite different.

Bottom line-- we're all just really missing him a lot.

Jim, don't forget you're from Michigan. You know. That mitten state that has the delightful summers and dramatically beautiful winters? And the gorgeous falls and sweet, sweet springs? Yeah. We want you back when your education is finished....(according to God's will, always.) Love ya!!


Mary said...

=( I'm already dreading Paul's departure next YEAR, wherever it may be. This really is the hard part, remembering our children belong to God and that He, and Mary, hold and watch them tenderly when we can not. You have raised him well, Sweet Rose. But please console me next year when it's me who feels my heart is breaking <3 I love you!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

I will be here to console you. I will. Hopefully he will still be in the midwest. And guess who may be coming to South Bend for the big game next Saturday? Unfortunately, one of my children's teams is going to lose. Oh dear. (You know who I'll be cheering for but I have to put on a good show, you know.)