Tuesday, September 21, 2010

John is starting to improve. Initial mono. test was negative. I'm still wondering.

I actually was able to pick up my house some today and did a little cleaning too. It's so nice to not be frantically trying to complete a long to-do list.

I bought myself three new pairs of pants yesterday that actually fit me. Yes!

And as long as I'm just mentioning some random points, may I comment on Karl Rove? ( I know most of you don't seem very interested in politics. Know something? I just love following politics. I really do.

OK. So, Karl, can you give it a rest? Why all the animosity to Christine O'Donnell? (O'Donnell has won the republican nomination for Senate in Delaware. Karl Rove was against her candidacy and advised the tea party activists to vote against her. they ignored him.) She was very much a long shot and she won!

Karl, the election is over. She has the nomination. Are you a republican or not? Are you going to keep badmouthing her with the intent to make sure that your prediction that she is unelectable turns out to be true? What is your motivation? I, for one, am sick of hearing you talk about it. It's very unbecoming. In fact, it's almost embarrassing. Strong men have no problem admitting they were wrong. If you can't acknowledge you were wrong, at least stop talking about it. No one wants to hear any more about it and we certainly are tired of hearing you put down a member of your own party for no reason other than what appears to be a defense of your own ego.


Suzanne said...

Amen, sister! :) I am in total agreement..where is the team connection with these people?

Karina Fabian said...

I had mono last year. It really drains you. Hope John recovers quickly, regardless of whether it's mono or something else. (Hoping it's something else--something more fleeting!)