Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Witnesses to Hope

I went to a wonderful woman's event at my parish last night. It was called Witnesses to Hope and it's sponsored by the Servants of God's Love, an order of sisters who belong to our parish Christ the King, here in Ann Arbor.

What a lovely evening it was. The talk by Sister Ann Shields was just what I personally needed to hear. I went with a very dear friend Patti and we had a wonderful time driving there together and catching up on things.

This event is held bi-monthly and consists of a talk followed by dessert and fellowship. The Servants of God's Love do it all, and this is just one example of how appropriate is the name of their order.

I had so much fun. The talk was fabulous and the fellowship was something I guess I really needed. I haven't had so much fun with girlfriends in a very long time. (OK, with sisters in the Lord. You get the idea.:-) There was a lot of laughter, a lot of warmth and friendship. Pat, who often comments on this blog was there too. Pat, add your thoughts if you care to.

What a blessing this event is to our parish. The next will be held on March 15 at 7:30. If you live in SE Michigan you should come. Sister Dorcee Clarey, the order's superior, will be speaking. Sister Dorcee was my oldest son's first teacher after I stopped homeschooling him in 6th grade. She has a heart of gold. I'm looking forward to her message.

Sister Dorcee also has a blog called Witnesses to Hope. You can find it here. I only found this out last night. It will definitely be one of my regular reads. Check it out!


Mary O'Hannigan said...

Hi Rose!
'Have bookmarked Sr. Dorcy's blog =) Thank you for the hot tip! If you haven't checked out "Conversion Diary" yet~please do. From Athiest to Catholic~good stuff!

I miss y'all and maybe should come up for the next talk!

Love to All,

Sarah - Kala said...

I'm so glad you have this to attend. Wonderful!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Mary, let's do it!! You could spend the night here and go back the next day (or whenever you feel like it:-) Maybe Jeanne and Jill could come too! (Although the next one is in March and we are hoping to see you before that:-)

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Mary, I am going to Conversion Diaries too. Thank you for the tip.

Mimi said...

I'm glad you were able to attend, it sounds fabulous!

Lynz said...

We have something called the Relief Society that sounds similar. Where women get together and strengthen one another and the community. It is beautiful to have women helping and enjoying one another! Enjoy!

Pat said...

I could not say enough good things about The Servants of God's Love. Such a small order of sisters, yet they accomplish so much! And always, they have the attitude of being servants. As for Witnesses to Hope, the name says it all. The talks and the blog are just what I need in this crazy world that nearly defies us to hope! I highly recommend both. They are born out of a deep ( but not complex)spirituality and feed the soul.

Pat said...

Oh! I forgot! Mary, it would be great to see you! Come on up! Pat