Thursday, January 28, 2010

President Obama's State of the Union address

Any thoughts on Obama's speech last night? (Did anybody see his speech last night? Anybody care about it?)

I was not impressed with the President's speech. I found it uninspiring and sometimes even irritating.

His chiding of the republicans for only saying no, implying that they were not being bi-partisan had to have some members of congress grinding their teeth. Only saying no? Not offering bi-partisan cooperation? This from the party that has systematically excluded all republicans from the negotiating process for the health care reform bill. They were not even allowed in the room!!! What unbelievable gall for the president to imply that it was the fault of the republican party that an agreement could not be reached. It also implies the lie that the democrats keep repeating-- that the republicans have no ideas for health care reform. They have plenty of ideas. It's just that the democrats will not listen to what they have to say nor even allow them to join the discussion table. Fortunately, this arrogance has now backfired on them.

I also thought it quite inappropriate for the President to publicly criticize a ruling of the Supreme Court, especially in a State of the Union address. Juan Williams on Fox News noted this saying that he was concerned about the separation of powers and the possibility of the executive branch exercising pressure on the court. I don't think I've ever heard a President publicly criticize a recent court decision in the presence of the judges. It kind of smacked of more power grabbing to me.

How about the tone of the speech? Obama seemed smug to me. (as in Merriam Webster's third definition for the word-- "highly self-satisfied." ) I acknowledge that appearances can be deceiving and that may not be what is in his heart.

Any thoughts?

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