Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

On this eve of Thanksgiving I am thinking of all that I am grateful for.

There are, of course, the big things-- for my life and those of my loved ones, for my country, my faith, for the wonder of creation, for the EUCHARIST, for this day.....

And then there are the handful of random little things I'm thinking of right now.

I'm grateful....
that we will have a house full of people for Thanksgiving dinner-- maybe as many as 23, actually,

that all of my children will be here and Anne's fiance Zach and his family too, as well as one of my best friends and some of her children,

that I have quite a few things done already,

that my husband has a job and that we will have a nice dinner,

that my oldest son will be here pretty soon,

that I can listen to my son John playing the piano right now, and for how often I am able to hear his music,

that everyone is excited about tomorrow and that it will be so much fun,

that none of the people coming are fussy so I don't have to worry about how my house looks or if everything is perfect. They're just good company type people, you know?

that I have blogging friends who haven't given up on me, even though I've been writing rather irregularly lately,

that my bed is comfortable and warm and soon I will be in it :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! God is good. Always!


Mary O'Hannigan said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rose! When I count my blessings, there you are =0) Best wishes to all the Bogdans and honorary-Bogdans(which we consider ourselves...LOL)


Suzanne said...

VERY grateful for you, dear!
Have a wonderful blessed day with all your people! :)

Ruthann Logsdon Zaroff said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Rose! And I have FINALLY hit my stride as a blogger and podcaster! "Third Time's a Charm" wasn't, but FOURTH time definitely is! (

I saw Jim and Mary (or was it Liz?) at Teddy's concert last weekend -- my, you have lovely children!


Sarah - Kala said...

This is a wonderful list!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Ruthann, I LOVE the podcast. Tried to leave a rating, but I got confused. I'll try again.