Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Weddings are expensive!!!!

That's about all I'm up to writing today.  God bless everybody's Holy Week!


Kate said...

Ours wasn't (well, as far as weddings go...ours was about 3K, Canadian dollars)...and in retrospect, some of the things we did spend money on (formal invitations) we really didn't need to.

The bride and groom don't really strike me as extravagant wedding spenders anyway. ;-) I think they'll be pretty happy so long as they're married at the end of the day.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Kate, I am sure you are right. Thanks for the focus.

Jodi said...

Check craigslist for bridal gowns. It may help if your daughter does some preliminary shopping to pick a flattering style and then watch for that on your local craigslists.

With a one year waiting period you have time to be patient waiting for an AWESOME deal.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Jodi, great idea! I will tell her!

'thann said...

LOL! My dad, father of four daughters (and two much cheaper sons) told us our wedding gift would be a ladder with ribbons so we all could elope! (None of us did, of course.)

I am thankful I had a resourceful and thrifty mother who did much of the work herself. She and I made (yes, MADE) silk flowers for the tables and bouquets. I made my dress and those of my bridesmaid and flower girl. The wedding reception was small (75 guests), and the hall rental was a gift from my parish, where I worked.

You CAN have a classy, lovely wedding and reception -- just don't fall prey to all of the ads in the bridal magazines.

We worked harder on planning our actual Nuptial Mass than on our reception because, to us, the ceremony was the important part. The rest was just frivolity.

I hope you have fun planning the wedding. It can be SO stressful. I am sure that Anne knows that the result is far more important than all the bells and whistles!


Salome Ellen said...

Don't pay for professional invitations. Find a computer-talented friend and ask if they'd be willing to design them as a wedding present. Also, our two girls' cakes were gifts from my good friend. Inexpensive needn't be "cheap"!

Suzanne said...

God bless you and your family this Holy Week! Happy almost Easter! :)

Lynz said...

We didn't spend a lot on our wedding, but we were very blessed to have a lot of wonderful family and friends step up to help pay for small aspects of the wedding.

We did our own invitations, which can be done very nicely and inexpensive. We also LOVED Costco for the food. Minus the cake that was done by one of my best friend's mothers. She just had us pay cost for purchasing everything.

The one thing we splurged on was the ballroom at the local library... since we're ballroom dancers we just loved having all the space to dance, but a church hall can be made up very beautifully as well.

Good luck and Happy Easter!

Ann said...

The only splurge that I personally recommend is a good videographer. Let a friend take most of the still photos if you want, but a good video will be watched over and over again by the couple, the parents, and eventually the children of the couple. And if you have relatives who can't make the ceremony due to finances or age, a video makes a wonderful gift.

Blessings to the wonderful young ones as they plan their future together!