Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yikes! Look at this kitchen!

My kitchen ceiling was leaking and we couldn't find the source!!  It was only intermittent.  The new roof was suspect but it turned out to be the drain under my shower.  But all this ceiling had to be pulled apart to find and repair it.  It's a mess!!!!!

My dear husband let the plumber find and repair it, but he is going to do most of the drywall repair himself.  You know how handy guys don't like to pay someone to do jobs they know they could do themselves.  He's one of those. It's a good thing.

Yuk!  We had take a whole section of cabinetry out.  Naturally, it's the section I use the most.

 Can you see Mother Robin right outside the window on the other side of the wall that's being worked on?  The plumber was HAMMERING things and SAWING pipe and Mother Robin just sat there.  (Do birds have poor hearing?)  It was only a couple feet from her.  But she has work to do.  She sat there almost the whole time.  May I have the endurance of Mother Robin.

 Have a great weekend!!


Suzanne said...

Aw! Poor you! I don't like that stuff going on when these things happen, but well..they do happen, don't they? Ha! I love this whole Mother Robin thing going on..its just so precious!!! What a good little birdie she is!

Mimi said...

Yuck! What a mess.
I hope this means that you get to eat out often whilst it is being repaired

Kalona said...

Oh no, that's happened to us, too, and it's no fun. Our leak was from the kid's shower upstairs over the family room. Our insurance paid for the tile shower to be redone and a new drain pan put in underneath. We have a stain on our dining room ceiling now, because the grandkids left several soaking wet towels on the bathroom floor one day and water ran through the built-in laundry hamper onto the dining room ceiling. :o( No plumbing repair necessary, but we need to paint the ceiling. The hazards of upstairs bathrooms!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Suzanne, she is a good little birdie. Can't wait to see those little baby heads stretching out of the nest. Hope it all goes OK for her.
Mimi, not so far!
Kalona,yeah, thanks for the sympathy.