Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's new with us?

Well, it's a dreary, coldish rainy day.

Took Anne and Zach to one potential reception site that they both loved.  Manager seems easy to work with.  Cost is do-able for the numbers we want.  It's beautiful.  and they offer kids' meals!!!  How cool is that?  And kids' meals for whoever wants the kids' meal, regardless of age.  I like this place.

My brother Rich is doing great.  He can eat anything now, in small quantities at a time.  He's trying to gain some weight.  (I should have such a challenge:-)  No complications.  Huge answer to all your prayers.  Thank you so much.

My oldest son has received a raise and a promotion at work.

My high school and elementary school kids are all on break so we're all catching up on sleep!!!  Woohoo!  Love to catch up on sleep.  

Lots of flowers starting to come up in the garden.  They're completely oblivious to the fact that this is Michigan and they could die any night when it drops to true winter temperatures.  Incredibly, most of them survive.  I guess if they weren't hardy they would have died here in Michigan a long time ago.  I'm still watching that dear snapdragon that hung on for so long last fall and even into the winter.  So far, no sign of life, but it's still early.

I'm happy.


Lynz said...

Weddings are fun to plan. Lots of work, but fun to plan. I hope you are able to enjoy the planning.

It is so good to hear Rich is doing well! I hope he is able to gain some pounds and enjoy the process. =)

So much to be thankful for! The flowers always help me... especially when I'm looking out the window to see snow all over them. =)

Mimi said...

Indeed, there's lots to be happy about. Whohooo.

Jesse Ray said...

I am so glad that Rich is doing better. Surely that was weighing down you you pretty heavily. And now a new season: spring...and it brings with it many joys!!