Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here's what's happening...

Have booked a tentative date for my daughter's wedding!  (Above picture taken shortly after their engagement.)

Blue sky and sunshine, a little nippy, but that's not bothering the lovely blooming daffodils I'm seeing outside the door.

Was afraid Mama Robin had ditched her nest but she's back this morning.  Course, I first noticed she was back during my prayer time this morning.  A little gift from God.

I hurt my back yesterday!  Went to Sam's Club and put down a case of Capri Suns with my body turned a little bit.  Apparently that is not a good idea.  But Capri Suns, even a case of them, are not very heavy.  But got in to see my chiropractor in the afternoon and today the pain is almost completely gone!  Woohoo!  Thanks be to God.

God bless your day!!


Lynz said...

It sounds like the wedding plans are prgressing very well!

I'm sorry you hurt your back. Chiropractor's are a wonderful blessing! My mom has been going very often because of picking up things like boxes of Capri Sun. Or pots around her house. I pray it doens't happen any more for you!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Lynz, my chiropractor has really helped me a lot. And how are you?

Suzanne said...

I have heard that you can turn your back just so sometimes..when lifting, shifting, moving and to be very careful even when helping a patient in the bed moving them, etc. I'm sure your nurse daughter has heard all that though. Anyway, I heard it can be painful and even serious where you can't get relief like you did very well. Thank God..He sent you to the right place!:)

Suzanne said...

OH! I meant to say..what a cute couple..they look so in love!