Monday, April 20, 2009

The heel bone's connected to the ankle bone.....

They were cute.

They were on sale.

They were grown-up shoes, if you know what I mean.  Feminine.  Dressy.

I was going to a wedding and they begged me to buy them.

Could they be the reason I woke up Sunday morning with awful neck pain?

Here's the story of the shoes:

They are a size bigger than the actual length of my feet.  Since having babies my feet are too wide to fit shoes in my actual size.  Very few companies make shoes in wide widths for a size 5, so I always buy a 6 and make do.  It works.

These shoes were actually a little tight to start with so I thought they would be fine.  After a half hour or so though, they started to loosen up and actually started slipping a little.

I don't usually wear heels.  When I do the heel is so low it can barely be called a heel.  This heel was a little high for me.  At Communion of the wedding Mass there was a big gap in the Communion line.  Of course, I get up and try to walk briskly down the aisle, trying to stay balanced AND keep the shoes on my feet, while wondering if anyone is noticing.  Now they are slipping A LOT!!  I'm thinking I might walk out of them.   I made it.  The maid of honor gives me Communion with a big smile on her face.  (Is that because I'm a long-time family friend or because she can see what's happening with the shoes?)

We stopped at a store to buy a card before the reception.  My husband points out to me that I still have tags stuck on the bottom of the shoes.  So I get out of the car, trying to stay balanced, trying to keep the darned things on my feet 'cause they're slipping a LOT now, AND trying not to lift my feet so much that everyone can SEE that they were in the clearance room and substantially reduced.  .....trying to be inconspicuous and walk naturally.   The first employee I pass exclaims enthusiastically, "Cute shoes!!"  

I'm trying to become invisible.  (Don't fall, Rosemary, don't fall.)  I went home and changed the shoes before the reception.  

Sheesh.  So with all that tension, all that wobbling, could my vulnerable neck have rebelled?  I'm thinking maybe.

Still, those shoes are awfully cute.  (I'll get some kind of an insert before trying them again.)


Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

But's worth it because they're so CUTE! All kidding aside, I do know the pain of wearing uncomfortable shoes. And it ain't worth it! I am sorry your neck hurts. Maybe try looking on the internet for the size you need.

ukok said...

they are very cute :-)

Maybe because they are a little higher than you are used to wearing, they affected your posture and hence the neck pain?

I don't wear heels and the most height i wear is about 1 inch and that is usually in a wedge at the bottom part of my clogs!

But i like these shoes of yours!

Suzanne said...

OR...I've a better can send them to me! They'd fit just fine and dandy! ;)
Cute shoes..funny story!

Suzanne said...

Rosemary...I see you found Mike..who lives here and is fixing to enter St. Meinrad Seminary south of my town. His blog is wonderful..both informative and sometimes humorous too! Really a nice guy who I am sure would appreciate your prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosemary can you update to my new blog please?

Salome Ellen said...

Two words for you -- Mast Shoes! They're just off 94 at Jackson, and they carry my long extra-narrow AND your short and wide. They will cost more, but they probably have sales, and the quality is exceptional.

Lynz said...

Very cute shoes! I'm a shoe girl... and we have the same problem! I'm a wide size 5... the wide part happened when I had Josh. So, I usually buy size 6 as well.

I'm sorry you had a hard time in them... maybe if you stuff the toe it will help.

'thann said...

LOL! You tell the story so well! Since surgery and massive weight loss during the past year my shoe size has gone from 7.5WW to 6M, so I'm always buying shoes. I also found sale shoes of the same brand as yours at Von Maur -- thankfully mine fit like a dream, and are SO comfortable!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Nancy, yeah, the internet is a good idea.

Deb, that's what I'm thinking. The posture shifted and then maybe I turned funny, or something. I usually don't wear more than about an inch too. And I prefer clogs too or something with a solid platform.

Suzanne, I'll try them one more time and if they don't work, they're yours! LOL I will keep Mike in my prayers.

'Thann, that's exactly where I got them-- Von Maur clearance room When I take my girls to the mall that's usually our first stop. How fun for you to get new shoes now. Are you feeling better?

Jackie, did it. I was still checking on your blog. Just hadn't updated my list.

SE, I love Mast shoes. And I have bought shoes that fit there. Never looked for a dressier type there though. I guess I will next time.

Lynz, that's so funny. The exact problem. Yeah, I think if I get one of those insole inserts in the toe maybe they will work. We'll see.

Mimi said...

Oh, those are SO cute! And, I have a pair of Sofft heels that are so comfy, so enjoy

Sarah (JOT) said...

I like them. I have the problem with length. I'm anywhere between a 6.5 and a 7 - most the time I have to get the 7 or my toes nudge the top of the shoe . . . but then later, the shoes stretch and same story as yours. Stinks! My remedy? Buy mary janes. The strap keeps them ON.