Monday, April 27, 2009

He cares. How much he cares, even about the little things.

Today is a gorgeous day.  My daughters and I made it (barely) to the Communion Service at their school.  Every day that starts with Jesus is better than it would be otherwise.

I had a wonderful prayer time time in the chapel after the girls left for class.

As I walked to the parking lot I saw the cutest little tulips blooming in the island-- no doubt the work of some generous parent.

Then, as I pulled out, there was my sweet Lizzie setting up cones in the parking lot for recess use later.  (her job)  I was able to roll down my window and comment on the beautiful day.

Then I stopped for gas.  The station I stopped at has good coffee so I thought I'd treat myself.  I was using my debit card to pay at the pump.  Alas, a check of my wallet revealed NO CASH except for a dime or nickel or two so I offered the desire to the Lord instead.

Then... I said to myself, "If the Lord wants to give me a cup of coffee there will be a dollar in my pocket.  I reached in my back pocket and THERE WAS A DOLLAR!!!!  

I kid you not.  This actually happened!  I thanked Jesus, all teary-eyed.  It was just a cup of coffee but sometimes the Lord just really touches you, you know?  He really is there and aware of even a hair falling from our heads.

I thought the coffee might be a little more than a dollar but figured I could scrounge up enough change for the rest.  But, no.  God knew how much the coffee was.  I looked up at the prices to see that on Mondays it's 85 cents for any size cup.

Blessed be the Lord.  I thank you my awesome Savior for knowing and caring about even the most trivial of my thoughts and desires.  

You are so good, so good to me.


Sarah (JOT) said...

HE does provide awesomely, doesn't HE???

Lynz said...

It is amazing how the little things are so important to Him.

Suzanne said...

How amazin!
How is your brother doing, Rosemary?
Hopefully still on a good mend! :)

Elena said...

Yes, even the little things are important. Just as a mother or father takes cares of big & little things for thier child so does the Lord for us..... isn't He just so special!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

It is amazing how he cares. Suzanne, my brother is doing well. I'll have to give a detailed update soon. Thanks for asking.

Melissa-Mc said...

It's wonderful that you notice the "little" blessings that you receive from Him in addition to the "big" ones.