Friday, October 31, 2008

How can Catholics vote for Obama?

I haven't been blogging much at all this week.  I've been rather frantically helping a child finish her quarter's schoolwork, preparing for out of town guests this weekend, preparing for Halloween, and obsessing about the election.  Hardly read anybody's blog.  I'm sorry.  One of those weeks.

OK.  Here's what's on my mind.  The pro-life vote and Obama.  I have lots of reasons to not vote for Obama,  but the most important reason is literally millions of human beings whose lives will be in grave danger if Obama is elected.

Obama has promised to introduce the Freedom of Choice Act to Congress if he is elected.  If this act were to pass, as it might if there is a democratic majority, it would not matter if Roe v. Wade were overturned.  All state laws making abortion illegal would be overturned because federal law takes precedence over state and local laws.

Obama, as we know, (see ad on my sidebar) has also voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.  In other words, he does not think babies who survive an abortion should be entitled by law to care.  His excuse that these babies were covered under existing law is ridiculous.  It was because these babies were not being given care that the act was introduced. But even if it were true that the act was redundant why not vote for it anyway?  Why be one of (I believe) only two legislators to vote against it?  I can think of no other reason than to demonstrate to the pro-abortion lobby that he will not vote for ANY rights for the unborn.

So.... you Obama supporters, how can you vote for a man who so profoundly disrespects human life?  Do you think that unborn humans are not entitled to full protection under the law?  Do you think that this is one of many issues to consider?  I believe that this issue is no less grave than if he were supporting the "right" of a woman to kill her baby up to, say, six months of age. Both are infanticide.  If you think Obama's abortion position is not as serious as it would be if he were advocating infanticide of already-born babies, then you are not really pro-life.  A baby at six month gestation  (or at any time during a pregnancy) is just as human and deserving of protection as a six month old baby.  If you are Catholic and you are arguing this way, your position is not in keeping with Catholic teaching. NOR IS IT RATIONAL OR IN ANY WAY CONSISTENT WITH AN ELEMENTARY KNOWLEDGE OF BIOLOGY.

I'm sorry if I am offending readers who I know are decent people but who are holding this position which I frankly think is indefensible.  If I'm missing something let me know!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday

 Accountability Numbers:

This week:  Down 1/2 pound

Overall:  Down 9 pounds

I may go back to Weight Watchers to get these last pounds off.  October is a big family birthday month for us.  It's been pretty hard.  I have found myself slipping back into the 'how much can I eat and get away with' attitude instead of the healthier "how much do I need to eat' attitude.

And soon there will be Halloween candy in the house.  Oh no!!!

Lots of opportunities to exercise self control and lots of sacrifices to offer to the Lord.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Extraordinary Nurse

Some time ago I think I wrote about how my daughter has won the Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nursing.

Yesterday she was presented with the award by the chief nursing officer of the hospital.

Was I a proud mama or what!!!!  It was hard not to cry through the whole thing.  (But I had plenty of Kleenex.)

They said the nicest things (all true, of course) about my sweet daughter Anne.

I resisted mentioning that Anne had fainted the first time her own blood was drawn.  LOL  You never know what path the Lord will lead you down.  At the time of that first blood draw I never dreamed that little more than a decade later she would be receiving an award for extraordinary nursing.  

Now I am not at all surprised.  She worked really hard in school and worked at the hospital the whole time as a tech.  She's done it all.  And her gentle, tender heart serves her well as she really cares about her patients.

We couldn't be more proud of her.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The birthday celebrations

Because my husband is working afternoons at the moment, everyone was not home at the same time for a family birthday party for both John and Mike.

Sooo... John had a party on the actual day as depicted below, and Mike had a party on Saturday with his favorite Dutch apple pie instead of cake.

I may post the recipe for this pie.  (Maybe I already have sometime in the past?  It's my favorite pie in the world!!!)

Anyway, since I was too busy having parties for these guys to write them a birthday tribute I will do it today:

5 things I really appreciate about my husband:

1.  He has blessed me with 6 beautiful children.
2.  He has supported me in my role as a stay-at-home mom and has never suggested in any way that I should work outside the home.
3.  He has an amazing engineering ability-  a way of just knowing how things work.
4.  He is very patient.
5.  He rarely says anything negative about anyone.

5 things I really appreciate about my son John:

1.  He has a gentle, sensitive soul.
2.  He has an awesome smile. (see picture below).
3.  He has an amazing musical ability and he shares it with others (music ministry at church, accompanying, playing just for others' enjoyment.)
4.  He has an incredibly inquiring mind.
5.  He plays the piano like a man. (strength, energy, passion)

Just to name a few.....

May the Lord bless these two special guys today and all the days of their lives!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Birthday Boys

Happy Birthday to the boys!!  My son John was born on his dad's 36th birthday.  The best birthday present he's ever gotten!!!
I will write more about these guys later.

(I have to go shop for their presents now.)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Frost!!!

It seems the dark dreary mornings of Michigan winters are starting.

There was frost on the ground, on the car, on the roof, everywhere yesterday morning.

The one bright spot was sweet Liz running out early, finding the scraper in the garage, and having all the windows cleared by the time I came out.

This is really nothing.  Wait till we're clearing six inches of snow and ice off the windshield.  It's OK.  It builds character.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday

Accountability Numbers:

This Week:  Down 1 pound

Overall:  Down 8.5 pounds

Well, I didn't make up for last week's gain but at least I didn't gain any more.  At the retreat this weekend there were lots of dangerous snacks available-- like nuts, and chocolate, and CANDY CORN, not to mention brownies and cookies, chips, etc.

One night I lost control and ate a fair amount of candy corn and nuts.  But I guess I kept things pretty even for the rest of the week because I did lose.

Thanks for indulging me in this accountability.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Geneology-- my family history

I've always been fascinated with the idea of tracing my family roots, but I've never had the time to really work on it.

Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered a wealth of geneological information in a book right in my father's house.

The book was published in 1901 and is entitled Jay County Indiana.  It's a beautiful well worn, leather bound book.  I looked at it and thought why on Earth does my father have a book on Jay County Indiana.  He was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana so I thought, well, maybe he just happened upon it as an interesting antique.

I opened the book and in the inside cover I found pasted a newspaper obituary for Enoch B. Hartley.  I knew Hartley was a family name on my grandmother's side.  I quickly checked a family tree in a Bible I had taken from my dad's house and discovered that I was looking at the obituary of my great great grandfather.  It was FULL of information about who he was, where he lived, the kind of person he was.  I was nearly in tears.  It was like I was MEETING him.

THEN, I realized that the names of his parents were also listed and that the entire book was of biographical sketches of prominent people who had lived in Jay County!  My great-great-great grandparents were listed as well as my great-great-great-great grandparents!!!  And not just their names!!!  There are fascinating details of their lives and even some direct quotations!

I will be writing more about these people from whom I am descended.  Probably bore you all to tears.

Among the most exciting facts I learned was that my great-great-great-great grandfather, Joseph Shanks fought in the, Revolutionary War.  How cool is that??  He had come to America in 1765.  Here is a quote:  "Joseph Shanks was not in harmony with the British monarchy, which dislike he was too Irish to conceal, consequently the British stayed and Joseph Shanks left for America."

Now to those of you who are Irish I must ask. Did you smile just a little when reading those words "which dislike he was too Irish to conceal?"  I know I did.  But then, I'm his great-great-great-great granddaughter.  I never met or even heard a relative speak of Joseph Shanks, but I know just what those words meant.

Have a great day.

(I just reread this and realized it's not clear why I smiled.  I am NOT saying that I share my ancestor's dislike of the British.  Only that I understand, and share, an inability to conceal my emotions.  Don't want my friend Deb to think I hold any grudges against her nation:-)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Boys and Girls are Different!

This post is part of Family Moment Monday sponsored by Motherhood for Dummies.  

As I have raised my children it has become very evident that boys and girls are very different by nature, regardless of how they are being raised and what they are being taught.

Girls are so emotive, so expressive-- even girls who are naturally quiet or shy still seem to have a complexity of feelings and a desire to express those feelings that I just don't see in boys.

For example:

My daughter Mary, when grocery shopping with me when she was about three, stopped in front of a large display of Classico spaghetti sauce and threw her arms up in the air with great enthusiasm.  She exclaimed, "Oh, I love this stuff!!!"

I was so surprised because I didn't even think she liked tomato sauce.  I said, "You do?"  

Her reply?  "Not really.  I just felt like saying that.."

I laughed so hard.  She was practicing expressing herself!  Practicing being a woman-- forming an opinion.

Another incident occurred in the bathtub.  I had two very young girls and two very young boys at the time.  The girls took a bath together and so did the boys.

We had lots of rubber duckies.  A mom and dad duck, then some medium sized ones for older siblings and little baby ones too.  The girls loved to play with them, naming them and acting out little family scenarios.

I checked on the boys to discover them lobbing the duckies into the air toward the other end of the tub.  I said "What are you guys doing with the duck family?"

They looked surprised.  "Duckies?  These aren't ducks.  They're bombs.  We're trying to hit the boat on the other end of the tub."

Nuf Said?  The hard wiring is just not the same.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Retreat Weekend!!!

Today I am leaving for my parish's women's retreat. It starts tonight and lasts until Sunday afternoon. Needless to say, I won't be posting this weekend. I will be praying for all who read this blog and for their intentions. May you and yours have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last Night's Debate

I thought McCain did well last night. He is not as smooth or unruffled as Obama but he made some good points.

He is not George Bush.

He is against higher taxes for everyone and thinks it's irresponsible to raise anyone's taxes in this economy.

Ordinary hard working Americans like Joe the plumber will be hurt by Obama's tax plan.

McCain's plan for health care for all Americans leaves choice in the hands of American families and not the government.

He has the guts to freeze all government spending at current levels for the sake of the economy.

AND, most importantly, he is pro-life. I liked that he used the terms pro-life and pro-abortion and didn't hide behind euphemisms.

I was completely flabbergasted that Obama outright lied about his repeated position on the Infant Born Alive Protection Act. If there is some technicality that Obama is using to justify this deception I'd be happy to hear it. For more information on Obama's record on this legislation click on the ad in my sidebar. Obama has the most extreme, radical position on abortion. He has virtually no respect for unborn human life. And then to lie about it to the American people... I don't know what to say. HOW could we elect this man as President. (Not to mention his lies about Bill Ayers and ACORN)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday Woes

Accountability Numbers

This Week:  UP 2.5 pounds (YIKES)

Overall:  Down 7.5 pounds

OK.  What's my explanation?  Well, I was thinking maybe there was some water retention involved since I woke up last night thirsty and drank a big glass of water at about 4:00.

I know there's something paradoxical about water.  Weight Watchers always says if you want to not retain water you need to drink enough water.  Makes sense to me.  If your body doesn't have enough, it's going to hang on to what it has.

BUT, I would be less than transparent if I did not also acknowledge that the birthday cake pictured below could also provide some explanation.

Here is the Sanders Bumpy Cake.  I guess Sanders is a Michigan company.  These cakes are really good.  I love the frosting and the bumps of cream frosting are, in a word, YUMMY!!

Well, I thought I had done pretty well considering how much I love this cake and considering that I never have it in the house under normal circumstances because of the binge potential.  I had two pieces on my birthday... and two other pieces, one on each of two other days.  I actually thought that was pretty controlled, especially considering how much I wanted and how diligently I was resisting.  But, still, if it was all extra calories there was probably at least an extra pound's worth of calories there.  Maybe two?

Well, on to another week.  All is not lost (or gained as the case may be :-).  I will continue my efforts, starting with a nice big mug of green tea (unsweetened.

I love this cake.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Community Reinvestment Act

Has anyone looked into the Community Reinvestment Act? This piece of legislation, promoted by democrats, required banks to give loans to people who would not ordinarily be able to qualify. It was a huge contributing factor in our current financial mess.

Thought this cartoon summed it up well.

Big Government Strikes Again

Big Government Strikes Again

Let's pray every day for this election.....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Moment Monday-- Shopping with the girls....

This post is part of Family Moment Monday, sponsored by Motherhood for Dummies.
Family Moment Monday is about sharing crafts, activities, lessons, ideas, service projects, or anything else that you can learn/share/do as a family.  Check out Motherhood's site for lots of other great ideas.

The Princesses!!

(as in Daughters of the Queen!!! -- and you know who that is :-)

This is not a super creative family activity.  In fact, you may be saying, "Rosemary, that's LAME," as my kids would say.

Anyone can go shopping!  It's true, but sometimes it can take an effort to get everyone to go at the same time!  My daughters and I love this so much we're thinking of planning to do it once a month.  After browsing for each of us we often stop in the middle of the mall and get a Starbucks or a pop and a pretzel.  I think it helps to build family solidarity, cements family bonds, and offers great opportunities for conversation.  With teens these opportunities don't always come easily.

I tried to get the timer to work on my camera for this picture so I could get in it too, but no luck.  We really did just do this this morning.  As usual, it was very fun and we wished we had more time.  (My daughters are now so used to my bringing my camera with me everywhere in order to get a photo for a post that they don't resist at all.  In fact, sometimes they suggest posts for me.)

Course, at other times, they say, "You're NOT going to put this on your blog, are you?"

Today they were OK with it, though.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

OK.  I might as well tell you.  Today is my birthday.  I went to 9:00 Mass, then Confession.  And since then I've been just relaxing.

Took my daughter to Shar Instruments to trade in her 1/2 size cello for a 3/4 rental.  That was fun.  I love being in music stores.

Now, I'm blogging and kind of watching the Michigan game where my second and third son are.

Tonight my family will make me a birthday dinner.  (I've asked for fish but beyond that I'm not sure what they have planned.)

Oh.  And  a Sanders Bump Cake for my birthday cake.  Someone told me these cakes are unique to Michigan, Sanders being a Michigan company I believe.  Has anyone not in Michigan heard of Sanders and their very delicious Bump Cakes?

Hope you're enjoying what is in Michigan a very beautiful weekend.

Friday, October 10, 2008

One Gorgeous Fall Day

This was one GORGEOUS Fall day in Michigan.  Loved it.  

Glory to God!!!!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Meat Thermometer--the Magic Wand?

I found this box among my mother's kitchen things while emptying out their house.  Isn't it cute?  A meat thermometer-- the magic wand of a good cook!  It made me laugh.  But I guess if meat thermometers were a new thing when this came out, it would be pretty exciting.  No more guessing if a roast was done-- just measure  the temp.  Think of the times they might have been carving meat only to realize that the center was raw.  There had to have been a lot more guessing.  I use a meat thermometer pretty often.

Anyway, I love these vintage items....

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday

Accountability Numbers

This Week:  Down 1/2 pound

Overall:  Down 10 pounds

I'll take it.  Anytime my numbers are going down, I'm happy.

Note the lovely dark chocolate covered almonds pictured below.  Godiva chocolate, mind you.

I'm very pleased to report that I have been able to eat just a single piece.  I REALLY can.  I've done it over and over again.  LOL

OK.  You're probably thinking right, Rosemary, I can eat just one too----- over and over again, until I've eaten the whole bag.

LOL  That's not what I meant.  I've been able to eat just one and not any more on that same day.  I keep it in my mouth as long as I can until there is not any hint of chocolate left on that almond.  Then I eat the almond.  This is really a victory for me.  I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!

I'm not eating for fun anymore.  My attitude toward food has become much more balanced.  Thanks be to God.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Family Moment Monday-- Getting involved!!

Motherhood for Dummies hosts Family Moment Monday. It "consists of people who are sharing crafts, activities, lessons, ideas, service projects or anything else that you can learn/do/enjoy as a family in your post." Check out her site for other great ideas about family life.

I realize that political activity can be rather controversial, especially these days. But the lesson I want to talk about is applicable regardless of your political views.

My family participated in a Life Chain this weekend. Yes, it is a pro-life event encouraging people to choose life.
We also have a very controversial proposal on the ballot that deals very specifically with unborn rights. (I will be posting more about this proposal soon.)

OK. So that's where we are from a political perspective on the life issues.

Regardless of your family's politics I think there is a lot to be gained by being involved in issues as a family.

1. Your kids learn that there are values worth fighting for, that there are things more important than the ordinary details of our lives. It's especially beneficial for teens to see that life is not all about them. There are causes and ideals that transcend today's irritations and fears.

2. It helps you to teach your kids about what's important and what you believe is the truth. A lot of discussion can happen through these activities. The kids think and ask questions. You get to be the one to explain and clarify, not the world at large.

3. It builds family unity and family bonds. There is a certain energy that is aroused by trying to do what you can to bring about good. When a family does this, there is a feeling of togetherness, a feeling that no one is going it alone. We all want the good and we will stand together for it.

4. It helps them to become better citizens. By example we are showing that every little act to improve our country or our world is valuable. They see that it is rewarding to be involved, to stand for what you believe is right.

5. Because these activities involve other people who we already know or will come to know, it helps kids (and adults!) to realize that we are indeed part of a larger community, that we are
arm in arm with others who also want to fight for the truth as they see it. It becomes empowering in a very good way.

Anyway, these are the benefits I have seen in our family.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

On his way out the door to perform......

John playing Mephisto Waltz by Lizt

Recently, my son John played a concert for the all-Steinway donors at Eastern Michigan University.  He let me take this video just before he left the house.  He's wearing his grandfather's tails which happened to fit just right.   I'm sure my dad was glad to lend his tux for John to perform in, since my father was John's biggest fan.

Thought you might like to hear John play again.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to Jim!!!

Happy Birthday to my fourth-born, seventeen-year-old Jim!!!!!!

Today is Jim's birthday, my day to thank God for the privilege of being his mother

He is an awesome teenager, one of the most unselfish people I know.  He is so willing to sacrifice his own interests, so strong in the faith, so kind and generous.  Accept for the fact that he was rather accident prone and quite active as a toddler, he has been an easy child to raise.

He sings with madrigals at his high school.

He has the lead in the Fall play.

He is very good to his siblings.

He is an awesome football player (although he's not playing this year.)  A great hockey player, a very fast track man.

AND, he loves to defend the faith and even challenges atheists to argue with him online. 

He just really enjoys apologetics.  This is one great kid, OK???

Couldn't be prouder of him.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Good luck to Sarah Palin!!! Warning--- this is one of Rosemary's Rants

My prayers are with Sarah Palin.  She is a strong Christian and every indication is that she is a woman of integrity and intelligence.

Unless, of course, you take your indications from the corrupt, disgustingly deceptive left wing media outlets!!!!

The way Sarah Palin has been treated by most of the media appalls me.  There seems to no longer be any pretense of objectivity on the part of these journalists.  They are shamelessly biased.  Actually calling them merely biased would be a compliment.  They (many) are mean-spirited condescending snobs who simply can't stomach the idea of a vice president who actually believes that human life is sacred and should be protected.

Katy Couric and Charles Gibson asked Palin questions that never would have been asked of a man or even a democratic woman.  They were clearly, clearly, designed to try to trip her up and make her look stupid.  Meanwhile, Biden can barely open his mouth without saying something stupid and these gaffs are barely reported.   Gibson looked like he wanted to spit at Palin, he obviously held her in such contempt.  I wanted to slap Katy Couric. (wanted, OK? Temptation is not a sin.)

And for those of you who might actually be buying this nonsense from the media I have one thing to say:

If she's so stupid why does she have the highest approval rating of any governor in the country? This is her leadership evaluation by the people who know best!!!  These are the people who have been effected by her leadership!!!  Who would know better?????!!!!!

She has governed the largest state in the Union.  A state, I might add, that is 263 times the size of the state of Delaware.

Alaska is 263 times the size of Delaware!!!!!  Is the size of her state irrelevant?  I think not.  She governs the territory as well as the people!!!  And this is no insignificant piece of land.  There's a lot to manage in oil rich Alaska.  And she has done a stunning job as her constituents well know.

So it's not very densely populated?  Alaska actually has a larger population than Delaware-- slightly larger.

I am just really sick of the elitist, sexist, arrogant, malicious attacks against this woman.   The media, in their transparent attempt to influence this election have been shameful in their treatment of her.  Shameful!  I can no longer take them seriously as journalists.

OH!!!!  And I suppose we are to believe their nonsense that despite the  fact that Gwen Ifill has a huge financial interest in the election of Obama, she will not be the least bit biased and is still completely qualified to be a fair moderator of tonight's debate.

May God be with Sarah Palin tonight and may the most perfect will of God be accomplished in this election.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday

The Accountability Numbers

This week:  Down .5 pounds

Overall:  Down 9.5 pounds 

Every little half pound lost is still movement in the right direction, right?