Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tulip time in Holland, Michigan

As I continue to blog about recent events that missed posting....Mike and I visited The Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan this Spring. I remember visiting as a little girl and seeing the rows and rows of magnificent tulips. It is indeed a spectacular event!!

There are quite literally hundreds of thousand of tulips blooming at Tulip time. Here is the mission statement of the festival.

Mission Statement: The Holland Tulip Time Festival invites the world to join the dance as we celebrate our Dutch heritage with a festival showcasing our dynamic community and its spectacular tulips.

You can find information about next year's Tulip Festival HERE.

And here is a taste of what it's like:

I love tulips. And if I hadn't before I certainly would have after visiting the Holland Tulip Festival

It's a wonderful Spring event in Michigan.

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