Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Meeting of the Generations

I never knew any great-grandparents myself. They were gone before my birth. And one grandparent, my maternal grandfather, died when I was very young.

My grandson Blaise, however, has four grandparents, and three living great-grandparents! These are special relationships. That's why this past March some of us traveled to Florida for the purpose of allowing great-grandma time to be with her great-grandson Blaise.

Needless to say, Grandma just loved him!

Jim and Grandma

And Blaise even paid his respects to his paternal great-grandpa by visiting his grave. (Although, of course, he did not know that's what he was doing. But I'm sure Great-Grandpa knew and, ever the lover of children, he had to have been smiling.)

Great-grandma hugging Blaise...

 And the priceless generation pictures. Blaise with his mama, his grandpa, and his great-grandma!!

And every trip to Florida must include a trip to the beach.
Jim with his wife Elle, Mike, Blaise, and Anne.

Blaise and his mama, both loving the ocean and the beach.

Jim and Elle!

Blaise and Great-Grandma interacting.

And one more photo of the generations....because you can't have too many!!

I really was on this trip, but as you can see, I'm the photographer.

It was a delightful time. This trip occurred in March but, somehow, I never wrote about it. Life remains very full.

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