Friday, May 19, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt!

 Haven't been blogging for a bit so there are some life events to catch up on...One very significant one was Blaise's first Easter egg hunt at our house.

 He did pretty well, with a little help...

But it's also fun to dump the eggs out. Of course.

 We always have an Alleluia egg for the egg hunt. It's gold and has ALLELUIA written on it, signifying that it's Easter and we can again say, "Alleluia!" It also usually has an extra special prize.
 Blaise spotted the Alleluia egg!!

 And nabs it, with a little help from Uncle Jim!

 Family pictures.

Turns out Blaise loves peanut butter cups. But then, who doesn't?

My youngest daughters and I. How did they all get so much taller than their mother? (Well, some of it is with the help of heels.)

Mike and I savoring the fun with a new generation.
 It was a glorious day with the Autumn Cherry tree blooming in the background. Alleluia! He is risen. (We Catholics celebrate Easter for 50 days)

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