Thursday, January 05, 2017

A New Grandson! (Warning: Gushing Grandma Words and Photos)

The breathtaking beauty of new life. And when it's your grandson...add euphoria.

 This was part of the group waiting and supporting Esther in prayer as she worked to bring Joey into the world. I think Elle took the picture.

Here's Elle with two sis-in-laws. So exciting to be awaiting the arrival of new life! A new member of our family!

Uncle Jim entertaining nephew Blaise. Soon Blaise would have his first boy cousin...and first cousin at all on our side of the family.

And here he is....Joy! No other word....

                                                         Joey with Aunt Anne...

Blaise meets Joey!!!

Look at this face! Cuteness!!!!
The little Christmas baby!!!!

                                             Mother love. Her heart is forever changed.

                                                                   A family!!!!!
He holds her finger. And she holds him in her heart for all eternity!!! God is so good. Another miracle.

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