Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wedding Photos-- The Ceremony and After!

 Is this not adorable? Zach and Blaise wore matching socks. And great socks they were!!!

 OK. These aren't in order. Jim and Elle chatting with our longtime pastor Father Ed, after the sacrament and before the pictures! We love Father Ed.

 Jim and his groomsmen! Three from grade school and high school. Two from college (University of Dallas! A great school!)

 The wedding party!! Two of my daughters are among the bridesmaids...

 My Boys!!! Three sons and one son-in-law!!

 My children (and grandson!) Three sons, three daughters, two daughter-in-laws, one son-in-law, and one grandson!! God is good!

 OK. Back to the Mass... Here is Jim waiting for his bride....(with Father Phil, his spiritual director, a wonderful priest!)

 The vows....

 Our whole family!!  God is good!  All the time!

 Our extended family, including my sister and her two sons, Matt and Luke, my brother with his daughter Monique and son Mitch, and Mike's brother Jeff, with his son Anthony.

It was a wonderful day, where the grace and glory of God was all over everything.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Wedding Graces-- The Rehearsal Dinner!

Yikes! Just realized I haven't posted in about a month! Family events are the reason. In short, there's been a wedding in our family!!!

Such a time of grace and joy!

On the day before the wedding, the morning began with Liz organizing the creation of the bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.

Liz and Esther, the architects!

My friend Chris, who has had a lot of experience with these endeavors, volunteered to come help.
Wow. What a gift!
There were a few other helpers but these three are the ones who really pulled it off.

Then....rehearsal dinner at Paesano Restaurant. (Warning: large number of pictures :-)

My son Jim and his lovely bride Elle!

That lilac dress. Exquisitely beautiful and her favorite flower!!

Jim's shoelaces matched the color of his pants. Nice. Loved it.

Daughter Anne with her husband Zach and their son Blaise, the love of my life!

The outside patio provided lots of entertainment!


And... Blaise, again! Of course!

Daughter Anne and daughter-in-law Esther!

Jim with Father Phil his spiritual director who would be the celebrant at the wedding!

Son Mike with his wife Esther!
Jim and Father Phil!
Daughter Mary with her godson BLAISE! (Can't have too many pictures of Blaise.)

Yours truly with my husband Mike...
Daughter Liz with her longtime boyfriend Jonathan..

 My son John who would direct the music at the wedding the next day...

Elle's parents, two delightful and thoughtful people. Hope to get to know them better!

Father Phil with his dessert!

Jim with his best man!

The soon to be bride and groom with Zach and Anne and, of course, Blaise...

I think the beauty of weddings starts at the Rehearsal Dinner. For me, that is when the celebration begins.  We all come together. Everyone is smiling. Eyes are relaxed. Smiles are warm and genuine.

I've been told that there is a great grace on weddings. Of course. There must be. And that grace seems to descend starting at the Rehearsal Dinner.