Monday, May 16, 2016

The Heirloom Baptismal Gown

Here is Blaise modeling the ninety year old Baptismal gown. His great grandfather wore it. His grandmother (me) and his great aunt and uncle (my brother and sister) were all baptized in it. As were his mother and three uncles and two aunts. Yes, Blaise was the eleventh person to be baptized in this gown.
Above: Blaise with his mother who was also baptized in this gown. Judging by the look on his face, I'd say Blaise likes it. I can almost see my father smiling.

What is it about heirlooms that warm our heart. Only my father, the original owner of the gown, is gone. The nine other people are still with us and eight of them were even at the Baptism.

And yet everyone smiles at the knowledge that this is a family Baptismal gown.

We are physical beings. I look at this gown and it's very tiny, beautiful lace edging and I wonder how many mothers have fingered it and who made it. Was it my father's grandmother? I don't remember his mother ever sewing, so could it have been the even earlier generation? Is it possible that someone wore it even before my father?

Somehow this gown binds us generationally. Somehow it connects us to people who have gone before. Somehow it unites us spiritually and even with a mystical physicalness in the very gown itself. It is not ours. It belongs to the family. As do we.

Tomorrow-- pictures of the Baptism!


Mimi said...

So wonderful. My boys were both baptized in the gown their dad was, I look forward to Grandbabies using it too

Rosemary said...

Something special about it, isn't there, Mimi?

Mimi said...

Indeed. The photos are wonderful. Many Years to the newly illumined