Tuesday, May 31, 2016

StoryRunners-- Taking the Gospel to All Nations Through Stories!!

The other night my husband and I met with a recent University of Michigan graduate, Allyssa, who is going to spend the next year with StoryRunners, a ministry of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ.) Allyssa is a dear girl who majored in Performing Arts Management, and what an inspiring decision she has made to use her theatre skills to tell others about Christ!!

StoryRunners sends people to remote parts of the world where languages are spoken into which the Bible has not been translated, and the people are largely illiterate.  StoryRunners works with native speakers who act as translators who learn the 42 stories about Jesus that the ministry has prepared. These translators then go out and tell these stories to the people.

I love that this ministry is evangelizing people who would not otherwise have an opportunity to hear about Jesus. What a tremendously blessed ministry.

Cru has no central funds for salary and ministry expenses. Allyssa is raising money for this internship opportunity, in order to be able to go.

Would you like to donate? It might mean someone learning about Jesus who would never otherwise have the chance. We cannot all go out to the remotest parts of the world, but we can all help spread the Gospel to all nations!!

Click HERE to help Allyssa spread the Gospel to people who can only hear it through storytelling!!!

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