Monday, May 02, 2016

Built a Log Cabin For A Visiting Relative?!

This little log cabin is located right by the historic Parker Grist Mill on Geddes Rd. (for those of you who live around here.)

I love to ride my bike here along a path that originates in Gallup Park. (my favorite biking destination.) And, yes, that is my bike, complete with convenient basket which often holds my camera and, yes, that is my helmet and my coke on the the little porch. I consider it quite a treat to ride my bike to this spot and then indulge in a coke as a reward.

I always find myself reading this marker and wondering about what it says. The cabin is over 130 years old. But it was built "to house a visiting relative from England." Really??

I looked up how long it would take settlers to build a log cabin.  One man working alone could build one in a few weeks. I assume a few men could build one faster than that. Imagine how strong these people were. Most men today would probably have trouble even lifting one end of a single log.

They built it for a visiting relative? Maybe their own cabin was too small. Or maybe this relative was not well liked and they couldn't stomach sharing close quarters with them? Or maybe the relatives were very well liked, and the Parker family wanted to honor them with their own private quarters.

In any event, it seems pretty impressive to build a log cabin with your bare hands for a visiting relative. Those who came before us were very hardy people.

Learn more about Parker Mill County Park from the above video. (And you can also see the inside of the cabin.)

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