Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Baptism Photos!!

Here is little Blaise moments before his Baptism. To the right of the priest is his godmother (my daughter Mary), his godfather Ian( Zach's brother) and Zach and Anne (my daughter) who are Blaise's parents. I love how attentively Blaise is listening to the prayers of his Baptism. :-) He did that the entire time.

 The moment of Baptism. How beautiful that the waters of Baptism are reflected on Blaise's parents and godparents, aptly symbolizing the grace on everyone at that moment.

 Mary tending to the needs of her little godson...

And here he is! The new creation, forever marked as belonging to God!!!


Zach Simkins said...

Now that is a good looking baby! Thanks Rose!

Rosemary said...

Thank YOU for giving us such a wonderful grandson!