Thursday, February 11, 2016

Last Saturday I found myself at Costco in the middle of the afternoon. It was the only time I could get there. It seemed to be the worst time to go.

It was crowded. The aisles were packed, some so full you couldn't get though them. Three people at the meat counter seemed to be having some kind of committee meeting about what to buy, right in front of the section I needed to reach. I couldn't find the one item I needed to get for dinner that night. And the cart was heavy. I was tired. My arms were hurting from working out the day before...

Let's just say I had a bad attitude.

Then it occurred to me. Here I was in Costco with a full cart of grocery items, many of which I did not even need. I live in a country where the vast majority of people do not suffer from hunger. (And many of them were right there in Costco.) :-) And instead of thanking God for his countless blessings, I was complaining. Instead of realizing that having enough food is a gift from God, I was griping about the heaviness of the cart, the extra time it took to shop with so many other blessed people, and the fact that I couldn't get the one item I had wanted.

Wow. I had to repent.

Lord, may I never overlook (or complain!) about the numerous ways you have blessed my life. Help me not to be that spoiled child who must have everything her way. Help me to see the truth about my life. And please forgive me, Lord, for the pride that says I must not be inconvenienced.

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