Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Donald Trump? Seriously?

As I look at the poll numbers of voters who are supporting Donald Trump, I remain completely baffled. Yes, the man is, in some ways, refreshingly politically incorrect and bold. I say refreshingly only because most politicians weigh their words so carefully that you have to be a detective to find out what they truly think. Donald Trump seems to have no filters whatsoever.

The problem with Trump is that no one seems to really know what is policy positions are. He wants to make American great again? OK. How? How would a great America look to Donald Trump? He would have a strong military, he says, and he would take care of veterans. OK. But he also says that he and Putin would be friends, and that it's fine with him if Putin wants to bomb ISIS in Syria. He has the most simplistic view of the situation in the Middle East and the threat of ISIS. Personally, especially at this point in time, I want a president who thoroughly understands all the issues and dynamics of the Middle East. Not one that wants to be friends with Putin.

Trump has threatened to sue Ted Cruz for saying that he would appoint liberal Supreme Court justices. Trump's sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, is on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia. Those who are pro-life might want to know that she ruled in favor of partial birth abortion. Trump has said publicly that his sister would make a "phenomenal" Supreme Court judge. If Maryanne Trump Barry is someone he thinks would be a great justice, why should we not conclude that Trump would nominate liberal justices? Just asking.

Trump says his administration would be "special." I want to know how it would be special. What is Trump's vision of special?

He says he wants to be unpredictable as president. Really? Unpredictable? I want a president whose policies are very predictable, because he ran on them. I don't want a surprise president.

He's a bully around his challengers. He's boorish. He uses objectionable language. He's childish and thin-skinned. He couldn't even handle criticism from Megyn Kelly.

He'll get things done? He probably would. But WHAT would he get done? Shouldn't we know before casting a vote for him?

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