Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Warning: Political Post....My Two Cents on the Debate (For what little it's worth)

I don't know why I thoroughly enjoy these debates but I do. I love the give and take, the exchange of ideas, the thinking on their feet.

Last night my husband indulged me by watching most of both debates. I bought our favorite candy bars as treats for both of us. (When you get to be as old as we are, it doesn't take much to entertain.)

At the first debate, I had the following impressions:

Rick Santorum: I love Rick Santorum. I love his policies. I think he's a good man. But he did not really shine at the debate. Looks defensive when he starts reciting his political resume.

Chris Christie-- I thought Christie did quite well. He was forceful, logical. Good performance.

Huckabee-- He always comes across as a nice guy. Nothing remarkable last night.

Bobby Jindal-- Very forceful. A little too combative towards the other governors. Unbecoming.

At the second debate:

Kasich-- Interrupted too much early on, when no one else was doing it. It was annoying. A little too much pontificating. Wasn't convincing.

Bush-- I'm afraid Mr. Bush, like his father, is a bit too much of a gentleman to make it with this lineup. He seems capable, but weak.

Rubio-- Rubio continues to shine. He has a lot of facts at his fingertips and delivers them well. He's articulate and impassioned.

Trump-- Trump. What do you say about Trump? He just doesn't have the knowledge I like to see in a candidate. I'm not really sure how conservative he truly is. It's so hard to listen to someone so full of himself. Plus, as Kristie did in the last debate, he called out Fiorina for interrupting, even though all the candidates were interrupting. Made me wonder, in both cases, what their motivations were.

Carson-- Here is a sincere, devout, intelligent Christian man. People love him. I'm not sure he communicates accurately enough for the political fray, but I love to see him rising in the polls.

Cruz-- Cruz is a great conservative. Bothers me a little that he seems to think deporting every illegal alien is a position on which no compromise could be reached. He also seems a little too rehearsed, almost not genuine, although I think he is sincere. Just comes across that way and I think it's to his political disadvantage.

Fiorina-- I think Carly Fiorina is the most articulate and most knowledgeable candidate on the stage. She may also be the most courageous. I would love for her to get the nomination because she could run circles around Hilary in a debate. She is the only candidate I've given money to.

Paul--I do not agree with Rand Paul on several issues. But he is a true conservative and I like his boldness. I was impressed that after Trump had gone on and on about China in response to a question about the TPP, it was Paul who mentioned that China was not in the TPP. Good point. I think Rand Paul would be doing much better if he didn't so often seem annoyed, almost smug, as though he can't believe the voters don't comprehend that he has all the answers. (Maybe it's not that, I don't know.)

I would like to see a Fiorina/Rubio ticket. Yes, Fiorina for president, with Rubio as a running mate. That's my choice, so far. (Only because I don't think Santorum is going to make it.)

Moderators: Excellent questions, although a couple were rather long winded. Glad they did not have the dog-and-pony-show atmosphere or the let's-see-if-we-can-make-them-fight atmospheres of the previous two debates. The only pointless question seemed to be What democrat to you admire? None of the candidates answered it, so there was no time wasted it. I did wonder why they never asked the candidates to stop speaking out of turn. As a substitute teacher that bugs me. Raise your hand if you want to talk. :-)

May the Lord, in his mercy, give us not the candidate and president we deserve, but rather the president who can take us back to goodness.

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