Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Ring Arrives!!!

Well, no sooner had we returned from up north, than Jim had to return to Texas.

Here we are saying good-bye at the airport.

Why do I take pictures like this? I don't know. I always do. I hate good-byes and somehow taking a picture allows me, in some way, to hold on to the moment.

The delivery of the ring was only off by one day! It was supposed to arrive by Monday at 10:30 AM. At 10:00, the package arrived and at 10:05 Mary Pat (Elle's mom) and Elle arrived. Mary Pat and I were honored to be able to witness the "unveiling" of the ring.

The tension mounted.....

In the large box there was another box with ring cleaner and then this sweet wooden box.
Naturally thanks to our amazing technology Jim was with us on Skype. Above photo is Elle just having opened the box and looking at Jim on her laptop screen.

 She loved it!!!

Here they are enjoying the moment together while thousands of miles apart...(I have a love-hate relationship with technology. This was a love moment.)

So very, very sweet.

 And here it is!! In all its sparkles, the ENGAGEMENT Ring!!! Woohooo.

So happy for them both!!!!  (And it sure was fun being there, right Mary Pat?)

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